MRI Safety - Chapter 2 Pre-screening MR workers and patients

This video provides an overview of MRI safety with regard to the pre-screening of MR workers and patients.

Chapter 2 pre screening EMAR workers in patients. This video provides an overview of pre screening EMAR workers and patients before the examination. All of these safety precautions pertain to patients, Mr personnel and non Mr personnel working or entering the MRI environment since they could all be exposed to the electromagnetic field. Each Mr Facility should provide detailed patient information in order to avoid surprises during the examination and to prevent risks for patients with contraindications. Patients in accompanying persons entering the scanning room must be thoroughly checked and must fill out the EMAR screening form prior to the MRI exam. This detailed EMAR screening questionnaire is essential. All questions in the screening form must be clearly answered and explained. It must be signed by the patient as well as by medical personnel performing the MRI examination and directing the patient care. The screening form must be added to the medical record. The physician cannot make a decision on whether an MRI examination should be performed unless the screening form has been completely filled out. To date, there is no scientific proof that MRI examinations are harmless for pregnant women. Females of reproductive age should be screened for pregnancy prior to an MRI examination. If the patient is pregnant, then the responsible physician would evaluate the risk versus benefit in performing the Mr examination versus other imaging procedures. Special care should be paid to infants since they are not able to communicate. It is recommended to scan in the normal operating mode only. The responsible physician must evaluate the benefits of the EMAR examination compared to those of other imaging procedures. Permanent cosmetic tattoos eyeliner lip liner, lip coloring, decorative designs and body tattoos must be documented. Although this type of body decoration is not a contraindication, inform patients that tattoos may contain ingredients that cause artifacts, skin irritations, or heating in the corresponding area during MRI examinations. The same applies for other conductive materials such as dental braces and body piercings or jewelry. Before entering the examination room, patients as well as staff are required to remove the following objects. All metal objects, cell phones, beepers, watches, jewelry, hearing aids, garments with metallic fasteners, hooks, wires or threads, matalic patches, delivering medication, hats, hairpins, wigs, prosthesis circle, color contact lenses and conferencing confused clothing. Makeup in deodorants containing metal alloys should also be removed. The patient should only wear clothes made of natural fibers, an free of metal, copper and zinc MRI examinations may be contraindicated for patients with the following characteristics. Patients with certain implants, for example, some pacemakers, ferromagnetic aneurysm clips, and certain electronic stimulators and

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