MR View&GO - Composing (Numaris X)

This video reviews the workflow to Compose images using MR View&GO on Numaris X.

There are two options available for reconstructing images, compose and combine. If you launch new Compose, you can create composed images for sagittal or coronal orientations. For transversal images, the tool GNU combined enables you to include all images in one series. In order to start composing combining, choose the series by selecting the corresponding segments in the viewing layout and then launch the functionality. Remember, if composing or combining fails to calculate a result, the two results segments will remain empty. If you want to determine why composing failed, please check the message history in the status bar, which will contain a corresponding info message. Depending on the software version, an information dialog might also appear to inform you why composing failed the composing result can be found in the viewing step at the end of the layout.

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