syngo MR XA11 - Dual-monitor set-up (Numaris X)

This e-clip provides an overview about the dual-monitor set-up.

Either a single or dual monitor setup is possible for the acquisition workplace. The Dual monitor layout allows for a good overview overall tasks an support smoothly parallel handling of exam planning and scanning via the left monitor, as well as first quality assessment and initial post processing via the right monitor. Let's have a more detailed look to the Dual monitor layout. The applications used for examination are located on the left monitor, whereas the applications used for evaluation are located on the right monitor. This approach replaces former concepts which were based on displaying software applications in foreground windows and stacked task cards in detail on the Left Monitor. You can find the home screen which is the entry point to your EMAR system. The scheduler where you can register a patient for the upcoming examination. The examination screen where you can prepare, start, track and control the image acquisition that has been planned and is being performed for the registered patient. Controls with the title bar such as Help, collaboration, Configuration, Job View and Capture Tools and the status bar on the right monitor you can find in our view and go for. Performing quality assurance basic and advanced post processing, filming documentation, tasks and data distribution. Advanced syngo via workflows. If licensed, the patient browser. Local data where you can perform data management tasks. The patient browser local data can be opened and closed by clicking on the corresponding icon on the access bar independent of your monitor setup. You can access the scheduler and the local database by two keys from the keyboard. The symbols on the keys are aligned with the symbols on the screen.

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Med user Meduser Doe Gregory Doe, Gregory Doe, MR 1/1/1946 F 100 • 1/1/1952 M 123 1/1/1952 M 123 Scheduler Mcheduser MR View&GO Doe, Sarah Doe, Kathe , Sarah Brain •LOC Vida Doe, Gregory X All CURRENT AAhead scout 3/14/2018 Current MR View&GO tl t' _tse_dark-tlud . tl _fQd_ccr . tl _tQd_ccr . tl _ ft2d_ccr Print Oßn Cured t2_tse-tra-S12 tl_ tl tse Phases Physio Layout 3/14/2018 MR. 3/14/2018 Doe. Kathe t1_f12d tra head clinical libraries head clinical l. head clinical l._ head clinical l _ Services STUDY STUDY ID 34537 PM 3D 00:14 01:19 Doe ries Nunber Series Descriptim Modality Series Date a... Date of Birth Patient ID ID Study Doe, Gregory AAhead scout 3/13/2018 301... 3/13/2018 10m Doe, Sarah Doe, Saran 1/1/1946 100 3/14/2018 3... clinica l... 10/'24/1998 head clinical 10/24/1998 •1/1/1952, M 1/1/1952 M 123 AAhead_scout_MPR_sag head clinical head clinical l. _ tl_ t2_ tse darWfluid tra 0482 123 0239 3/162018. 10. 1005 eaf1d644-9720.42 AAhead scout MPR cora locahizer 1-111 Doe, Kathe abdornen libr__. 16] StiKfy Description resolve_3scan_trace_tra_p2_160 0289 Brail localizer I-Ill COMP 3/14/20183.m MR. SR Print print *101/1989, F Prepare Doe, Gregory 10/'24/1998 SAR head clinical I. _ 0533 Distribution tl f12d cor MR 3/9/20183. . 3/13/2018 10__ whole-spine. t2 tse tra 512 tse 319/1953 head clinical I. _ • Patient ID 10 MR SL t2 tse dark-fluid tra t2 tse dark-fluid tra 3. Doe, Gregory abdornen AD... SR SL MR TA0212 31162018, 1002 | 10/1/1989 ep2d_ Doe, Gregory abdomnen Ab.. abdornen Aibr_.. abdomen Ab. aMomen AB Date of Birth 100 diff DOE, Jane 31/1/1952 PR, SR 3/12/2018 111 3/9/2018 22m 312/2018 111 head library Zoom 083 123 MR. SR 3/12/2018 117, A 1201 t2 10/'24/1998 head Brain 123 3/14/2018 3: 3/14/2018 3... bby_postmllar 20180309-1m. 20180309-1m 3/9/2018 22m 3/90018 2 T head clinical Distribution Breast, Biopsy 319/1953 PR, SR Doe, Gregory Service 1106 3/9/2018 10. . 14 11 ep2d_ diff Go Cancel 11 13228 Siemnens Ser, . Examination *All Instances CURRENT 3/13/20183.0.. t2 _t Service 1106 3/14/2018910. 3/9/2018 10... 3/9/2018 9:5. 3/9/2018 10. . 3/13/20189. . QA-GeneraV .. STUDY ID STUDY Siernens Ser. . 3/9/2018 9:5. 8 IMAI FRY 1707 81MA1 FRY 17/27 Image mage 3D Cuve Siemens Ser. 1106__. Services data data from data Siernens Ser. . 1106__. QA-GeneraV... Service 1106 3/9/2018 9:5. 3/9/2018 3/902018 QA-GeneraV/.__ QA-General/_. CAW Box Box QA. General/ 1106 n Siemnens Ser_ Siemens Ser_ 1106__. Siemnens Ser. . Services SL QA-General/ , Strnu SAR Physio Data 1 28 1.28 The selected data opened 17/150 Waiting for user to continue. Waiting for user to cortinue.