syngo MR XA11 - MR View&GO Tips and Tricks - Part I (Numaris X)

This e-clip shows you some tips and tricks regarding the configuration of MR View&GO (Favorite tools area and context menu), the workflow steps Viewing, Print, Distribution and also regarding the Refreshing of the Patient Browser/Local data.

In this video you will learn some application tips, an tricks regarding the configuration of the favorite tools area and the context menu of EM are view and go. The steps viewing, printing and distribution of EM are view and go and the patient browser. Local data. A general tip at the beginning, working with shortcuts can improve your experience with them are view and go. If you hover over the different icons you will see a tooltip which displays the shortcuts in brackets. You can find a list of all the shortcuts in the online help or in the syngo via basic manual. You can also just look on econnect in the related training area to find a job aid, including all important shortcuts. When you start working with them, review and go. You can configure your own favorite tools area, an context menu in the first step. Log in as a clinical administrator or method min and add tools you frequently use in your daily working routine to your favorite tools area. Search for the tool you want to add in the Tools Gallery and drag and drop the tools directly to the favorite tools area or right click on the tool and select add to favourites in the favorite tools area. You can change the order of the tools by easily dragging and dropping the selected tool in your favorite area. If you want to remove a tool from the favorite tools area. Right click the icon and select remove from favourites. In image segments you can configure the context menu to quickly access your favorite tools from the corner menus. To add a tool, click a watermark in any corner of the segment, navigate to your favorite tool, right click and select send to context menu. Since the context menu is user specific, the tool will not be displayed in the corner menu anymore after adding it to the context menu. Reset layout function numerous 10 provides a reset layout functionality which restores the initial viewing layout. All changes to the layout like Pan, Zoom, rotate, windowing, view mode, changes and so on, and drag and drop operations are reset to default measurements like Roy distance line and so on are not changed. 3D reference point combined with multi selection in order to synchronize different series for scrolling, first activate the 3D reference point and click into one of the series. As a result, all series will show the same position and the 3D reference point. Next. Deselect the tool by hitting escape. Now select all the segments you want to scroll in a synchronized manner. To select some series, click control while clicking on the segments you want to select. To select all the series, click Control plus a. You can now start scrolling synchronized and also use Zoom pan windowing. Rotate on the whole selection. When you want to print your results, only the viewing segment considers when doing changes. So if you print your results from the Series Navigator, then windowing changes are not considered. Drag and drop from the series Navigator to the print sheet is not possible. Hint. Always select the images in the image area and use the print functionality from the favorite tools. The Tool Gallery or keyboard shortcuts if you want to send your print from the patient browser local data, please select also the presentation State series. To have the latest changes. For example, windowing included. For printing there are two shortcuts that are good to know. Select A If you want to print all and select East in case you want to expose one frame. The configuration of the default packs dycom nodes is only possible in the admin portal. This configuration is typically completed by the customer service engineer or CSC. Data will be distributed to the default archive by clicking the Save and Send icon. In addition, the current study is closed in EMAR view and go there for select this option when you have finalized your workflow steps by clicking the save and pause icon, the data will be saved in the local database and can be reopened or sent manually later. If you want to publish your data while still viewing data in Mr View and go use the export image. Or export stack functionality which you can find in the favorite tools area or tool Gallery. If you want to refresh the results of the patient browser local data, click the magnifier glass. There is no dedicated refresh button. Hent if you only want to refresh the data of 1 patient, select the corresponding data in the study section by clicking on the study. All related series will be refreshed by this action.

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