MRI Specific Absorption Rate

MR Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a web based training that will provide the Technologists with information regarding the definition and the safety aspects of Specific Absorption Rate and the Food and Drug administration and International Electrotechnical commission guidelines and limits. The dependencies of SAR and the ability to identify the SAR operating modes, SAR limits, as well as parameters and sequences that reduce SAR will also be discussed.

Upon successful completion of this course, technologist will be able to:
  • Define SAR
  • Understand Safety Aspects of SAR
  • FDA/IEC guidelines and limits
  • Look-Ahead Monitor and SAR-Man
  • Dependencies of SAR
  • Identify Operating Modes of SAR
  • Identify SAR Limits Exceeded
  • Identify  Parameters that reduce SAR
  • Identify Sequences that reduce SAR