syngo MR XA11 - System messages and message history (Numaris X)

This e-clip provides an overview about the message history and different system messages.

System messages are displayed as icons in the status bar in a single monitor setup. All system messages are summarized in one message history. In a dual monitor setup, the system messages are related to the EMAR system related issues for the main monitor an to Mr View and go related issues for the second monitor. In addition, there is an icon to open the Mr Scanner, an acquisition dialog box on the main monitor. This dialog box includes warnings related to Mr Hardware, for example the cooling system, coil selection and resonance frequency. Different icons in the status bar inform you about message information, message warnings and message errors. The message history icon is displayed. If you have no new or unread messages. If you have several messages in the message history, the icon with the highest priority is displayed in the status bar. The order of priority is error warning and then information. Click on the icon in the status bar to open the message history in order to read the details of the message, open the message. Some examples for message errors and warnings are movements of the patient table. No patient on the patient table or the patient table might not be correctly locked in. Therefore, always check the icons in the status bar and open the message history. If workflows are interrupted to further proceed with the workflow, read the details of the messages displayed in the message histories.

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SIEMENS . Meduser 1 IMAI 3/11 1254 F ov 430'430 Doe, Steven p3 MAGNINORWOlS20 localizer_haste_bh [2] , Steven localizer MR View&GO e. Steven , Steven Steven Servic*ey System Messages Vida MAGNETOM Add Study 801 1251 11 lemng CURRENT 3," 6/2018 'e 3,'16r20'8 3," 6/2018 3116/2018 31'16/2018 3,1 6/2018 3,'16/20'8 Doe, Gregory Current Iccali 40 Al 3X2 3x2 Stack Sx4 stack sx4 System Messages Layout TR 11 IMAI 1 MR. 3/16/2018 Time: 3/16/2018 abdomen library 0 6162a3bc-6t2t-4t STUDY ID 6162a3bc-6t2t-4t 0 6162a3bc-6t2t-4t 62a3bc-6t2t-4t STUDY ID STUDY ID 6162a3bc-6t2t-4 SILO,' 0 6162a3bc-6t2t-4t 0 6162a3bc-6t2f-4t STUDY ID 6162a3bc-6t2t-4t 83613 838, 13 3D trig 30 localizer_haste_bh [2] localizer_bh [1] 3 IMAI 35-35 Error 3 IMAI 3s,as Show onlynew Messages MeanCurve native_trufi3d_tra_resp_trig localizer_haste_bh [2] t2_haste_tra_p2_mbh_384_B [4] t2_haste_tra_p2_mbh_384_A [3] Calculation AN Send MPPS Composer Send MPPS send MPP3 send MPPS Point Print Send MPPS Send Pnint Scanner hardware warning: (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be used as DICOM MPPS communication error. Please contact your System Not Ready Distribution Door of the exanmnation room is open, Close the door TP TR 04:58 Send TR 140m Time: AM Time: 3/16/2018 AM sp F7&4 If the problem persists, please contact Siemens Service. Sender: DISPLAYDEMON System Not Ready Send send MPPS Cooling System: Exam Room Temperature high. MRI ACM [Sl 3/16/2018 AM 83924 AM AM Fov Please drag data trom Series Navigator Time: 3116/2018 AM Please check local air system. 2S3pE384 DICOM MPPS communication error. Please contact your 03 07 F ov FOS/netwvork administrator or call Siemens service. RIS/netwvork administrator or call Siemens service. RIS/netvvork administrator or call Siemens sewvice. Zoom I Zoom 1904 080 801 81 p3 MAGNJNORWOlS20 1251 922 Warning 1254 801 p3 Pleas. drag data trom Series Navigator Please drag data trom Series Navigator Sender: DISPLAYDEMON sender: DISPLAYDEMON localizer Time: 3/16/2018 Time: 3,116/2018 Time: AM AM System Messages System Not Ready E 04:58 The system is not ready for scanning yet. The system is not ready for scanning yet Service, ey Sender. OrganizerExtension Sender: OrganizerExtension OK Skip Doe, Gregory Vida Time: AM AM CURRENT 11 IMAI FRMI Please drag data trom Series Navigator Favorite Tools in AM OK drag data from Series Navigator Series Navigator drag data Series Navigator Series Navigator. Series Navigator OK ALL names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional and Clip 30 Ref. Clip Box Ranges Fov 309'380 sp Tra OK ALL rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. 2539 •384 253p•384 922 92 94355AM Step 5 - native trufi3d trig 1m"e 07 SAR Stimu 1254 SOI sol 1251 2531'160 2531160 S tinu 94352AM 94351AM (t Waiting for scan instructions. 926:55AM 92701AM 92705AM 927:16AM Wailing tor scan instructions Waiting for user to continue.