Multitom Rax Performing Real 3D Reconstruction

PerformingReal3D ReconstructionJobAid Multitom Rax 1. Open the Patient Browser and find the Patient’s name on the Local database a. Select the 3D image series Patient |Applications Transfer Edit View Image Tools Scroll Options Help Browser ... Num . Search Search Selected ... Composing Selector F3 Close Patient Save As. Filming Layout ... Film Task Status ... Film Preview ... Expose Film Task Ctrl+P Copy to Film Sheet Num Enter 0 Patient Browser X Patient Applications Transfer Edit View Filter Sort Private Applications Options Help X ? ? Service, Services [1] AXIAL R////// / test, 35 [1] 3D010L Hand Vol default de Local Database Test Patient XR HAND LEFT [1] 3D010L Hand DVD BD-R SIEMENS Healthineers Performing a Real 3D Reconstruction Job Aid | Multitom Rax EffectiveDate: 01/11/2018 |QualityHOOD05162002769300 2. After highlighting the 3D image series in the 4D tab, select the Send to Recon button a. Close the Patient Browser Patient Applications Transfer Edit View Filter Sort Private Applications Options Help ? 3. Select the Preset Gallery button to apply the Preset Gallery appropriate preset to the different image views (sagittal, coronal, axial, and VRT) Type Multitom Ra DualVolume Dyna3DBody Dyna3DHead Viewing Review and Processing Review volumes loaded from the patient browser 4D No bookmarks available AD DualVolume2 Dyna3DCar ... Dyna4D 10 cm [A] 2138 WMp Thin less Shading Multitom Rax Multitom FON Table Light olume Opacity Image | Tools |Meas ... Segmentation 3D Tools F Ranges SL 20 M 213 Reviews 90 VRT -651 61 783 1505 2227 2949 3670 JJJ Color Bar linked Auto Window Close Cancel Help SiemensHealthineers Services Page 2 of 5 Performing a Real 3D Reconstruction Job Aid | Multitom Rax EffectiveDate: 01/11/2018 |QualityHOOD05162002769300 4. Utilize any post processing functions that are needed to /Ol Punching 2 X adjust the images Draw punching curve. For image a. Window level Image | Tools |Meas manipulation without curve drawing. additionally press the SHIFT-key. b. VOI punch Segmentation c. Annotations d. Etc.… auto 3D Tools · Remove Inside · Remove Outside Ranges Apply to Volume Apply to Segmentation v Auto Close Help 5. Create Ranges in desired planes to send to PACS TOEP FE TOEFFER SALL 40 Mamom Par 4682901 Image | Tools |Meas. DDONCL Hand Vol detail TOEPFER, SALLY, K Viewing 11/12/1 55 ₡11077009 1212/2017 Segmentation Review and Processing lesage saved successfully to database. Parallel Ranges 3D Tools Presen CORONAL 10 cm Ranges A TOEPFER SALL Memorial Medical Center TOEPFER SALLY "1106-4956 #11077009 1212/2017 7PM High resolution (2 Include reference image Number of images 45 Distance [mm] 20 Thickness [mm] 3.0 Comment Series Name CORONAL -Review Close Help SiemensHealthineers Services Page 3 of 5 Performing a Real 3D Reconstruction Job Aid | Multitom Rax EffectiveDate: 01/11/2018 |QualityHOOD05162002769300 6. Close the patient & Re-open the Patient Browser 7. Locate the patient in the local database a. Select the Series to send b. Select Transfer c. Select Send to… and choose the PACS destination Patient Browser X Patient Application Transfer Edit View Filter Sort Private Applications Options Help Import Ctrl+1 Sent to Export to Eject from BD-R Eject from ... [1] CORONAL Finalize Medium and Eject from BD-R Local Job Status. [970] SPIN Ctrl+L Local Database Network Job Status ... Ctrl+N [970] TUMBLE DVD Import from Off-line ... Export to Off-line ... [1] 3D010L Hand Vol default de BD-R Record Off-line Files [1] AXIAL 3 [1] 3D010L Hand Vol bone defa [1] 3D010L Hand Vol bone defa SiemensHealthineers Services Page 4 of 5 Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions for Use (hereinafter collectively “Operator Manual”) issued by Siemens Healthineers. 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