Nexaris Angio-CT Patient Registration - Two Room Setup Video

This videos explains the patient registration procedure if the CT is located in the second room for diagnostic while patient registration is already taking place on the Artis. The CT will then be moved into the Artis room for the combined exam.

Use the following patient registration procedure. If the CT is located in the second room for diagnostic while the patient registration is already taking place on the artist. The city will then be moved into the Artis room for the combined exam. One registering a patient on the Artistans ET system in a two room solution of the next areas angio CT. Begin by registering the patient on the artist system. Select a patient. Then register in the main menu. The patient registration window opens. Enter the patient data into the patient registration window. The mandatory entry fields are shown in bold. If needed, the US system can be changed to the metric system when entering the patient's weight as shown in this example. Select the dropdown arrow to view the patient positions. Select the patient position from the list. Select exam. A dialog box is displayed in which you must confirm the patient position. If the patient position is correct, select confirm. If the CT is in the second room, the patient is not registered automatically, but the data is available in the scheduler of the CT scanner. The patient registration window appears on the screen automatically when the CT enters the angio room. No manual step for patient registration on the CT is needed. This icon indicates that the same patient is registered at the CT and at the artist. The patient registration is now complete. Please note this procedure is only possible by registration on the artist. The other way around it would not work.

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