Performing Automated Atellica® Sample Handler Connect Autocheck Job Aid Version 1.25 and Below

This job aid provides instructions on how to perform the daily maintenance task of Automated Atellica® Sample Handler Connect Autocheck.

Atellica® Sample Handler Connect SIEMENS Performing Automated SHC Autocheck Job Aid Healthineers SIEMENS Build 1.7.0 DL-P1-07 The SHC Autocheck is an automated maintenance activity 1 System Samples nventory Calibration Qc Patient Orders Worklist Maintenance Setup that tests the health of various SHC components. 2 Schedule Report Log Diagnostics Data Restore Software Updates Copy Configuration [No Title] Filter Module: SHC Frequency: All Time: Next 24 hours Performed By: All The system alerts the operator 15 minutes before the Module SHC Module Activity Scheduled Tue-25 Wed-26 Thu-27 Fri-28 Sat-29 Sun-30 Mon- 4 Perform scheduled activity begins. After the system initiates the Frequency All 3 SHC SHC Autocheck :!!:: 4/28/2017 1:00 V Mark as Completed Time Next 24 hours SHC Autocheck, the SHC pauses sample transfer until the Not Perform Performed By All autocheck completes in approximately 5 minutes. Search Text Enter the activity name. Procedure Details The task will run automatically daily, but can be run Scheduled by Operator Edit/View Scheduled Automatically Delete manually if needed: Scheduled by Service Failed 1. On the Command bar, select Maintenance Overdue Inprocess 2. Select the Schedule tab Completed X Not Performed 3. Select SHC Autocheck With Comments Www Activibos 4. Select Perform Add Activity .. Set Warning .. 5. Wait for autocheck to complete ? PEP LabManager Thursday, June 08, 2017 11:41:55 AM HOOD05162002822811 © Siemens AG 2013. All rights reserved. Page 1 Effective Date: 3/12/2018