Program Selection (XA30)

This video provides an overview of the program selection.

Located in the program Selection tab of the scheduler, you can enter, check and correct scanning related data. The program Selection Tab provides access to all programs stored on the system, similar to the Cockpit Explorer including Siemens and user trees. Select the appropriate measurement program or engine for the examination. Then edit specific examination settings such as body part and laterality and patient orientation. If they are not already selected on the patient registration tab. Please note there are also special orientations available for wrist and elbow examinations. Once this is completed, the registration can be finished and saved for later use by clicking the Save icon or save the data and start the examination by clicking the exam icon.

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SIEMENS Study Description hand Ibrary Scheduler • patient ID 3a1a Data Brain GOBrain Emergency Add Patient Emergency Add De•ete Deete Study Comment 12/3/1985 Patient Registration Patient Orientation Program Selection Program Scheduler hand • Date ot Birth Examination Information library 135 Year(S) 135 Year(s) Age Ag e All Programs Medical Information Examination Information • Mandatory information Doe, Gregory 1M (Male) • sex (Male) 3:36 Doe, Gregory Examination Information Weight 170 kg Height 1170 cm 1170 cm Gregory Poe Reight Height Admitting Diagnosis • Last Name First Name Last Name 12 SIEMENS Program Selection Doe, Joe Weight 170 kg 170 kg Accession Gregory First Name Middle Name SIEMENS ID 3D 611222 USER 3a1a Supine Req. proc. ID Req. Proc. ID 1'11222 Middle Name Medical Information Examination Information • Mandatory information foot Program Selection 12/3/1985 •2/3/1985. M • Date ot Birth Allerties Study Description tEad cinical tæad cinical hbraries Middle Name • patient ID 3a1a Data Middle Name Doe, Mary 135 Year(s) Study Comment XA30 User Tree harri library localizer XA30 User Tree harri library localiz« | 2/3/1985 12/3/1985 Brain Dot Engine Feet First • Date ot Birth hand Admitting Diagnosis • patient ID Medical Alerts Load Program to • clinical libraries clinical libraries 135 Year(s) 135 Year(S) Age 1 2/3/1985 • Date ot Birth 1M (Male) Height RF Transmit Mode (Male) Examination Information 3:36 35 Program Selection Superman Height 1170 cm Weight 170 kg Any Marizatkm Any kilarizatkm Wrist Medical Alerts trauma •sex Supine 3D Weight 170 kg atrophy Allerties Allergies Institution Body Part and Laterality cortical architecture RF Transmit Mode Head First Superman Institution Medical Information • weight foot white matter lesions Height Elbow ILeft Elbow Select Left Program Selection pituitary Performing Physjaan -Left Body Part and Laterality SIEMENS head dinicallbraries general Patient Orientation Patient Registration Patient Orient orbits Admitting Diagnosis Special Orientations RF Transmit Mode Weight Load Program to Patient Oriente Patient Orientation Referring Physician Select advanced applications libraries RF Transmit Mode GOBrain ISafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed ISatety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed • Mandatory information Examinaton Information Refuerring Physician Any kilarizatkm Any Marizatkm GOBrain Medical Alerts Load Program to Queue Load Program to library Allerties Allergies (klete Local Data Prior Studies Body Part and Laterality RF Transmit Mode angiography