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SIEMENS Artis with PURE® Adding smooth to smart. Introducing PURE: The New Development Platform for Siemens Artis Systems Feature Highlights 3D Wizard Choosing an optimal 3D protocol is not always easy. The 3D Wizard provides step-by-step expert guidance to achieve the desired imaging results. Increase your confidence when using 3D and get the full benefits from your system. Favorites| Head & Neck | Cardio & Thorax | Abdomen Bleeding Detection (native) Bleeding Detection (native) Information Step Overview [PO 208DCT Head 70kV TAVI Imaging Injection Volume X-ray Dilution duration sec ce cc/sec sec Contrast agent admission: Q Please configure your injector see Prostate Artery Imaging QuickZoom syngo 2D/3D Fusion Interacting with 3D volumes at tableside can be cum- Pre-op CT, MR, or PET data is often available, but re- bersome. QuickZoom helps you save time and speed mains mostly unused in the angio suite. With syngo up your workflow. Click onto your region of interest, 2D/3D Fusion, only two fluoro projections are required and Quick-Zoom centers and zooms automatically, to easily fuse 3D volumes from other imaging modalities and even provides high-resolution refinement of your for live image guidance. Expand your capabilities while 3D volume. saving radiation dose and contrast media. 7 .255 11099 30 Registration i Check registration resul If necessary, align data manually of tomatica The second 2D image is acquired. Pan Image Ange - 90" Rotate OK Can Additional Artis with PURE Features Save Time Improve Workflow Heads-up Display Focusing on the patient is a must while performing ET minimally-invasive proce- General VRT MPR Workflow General VRT MPR Workflow dures. Access all relevant Review Review 3D data and functionalities In-Plane View In-Plane View via the On-screen Menu on Ortho View Ortho View Fate the Heads-up Display. Create New Needle O . Create New Needle Without the need to look Set Entry Point Set Entry Point O down, keep your attention Set Target Point Set Target Point Objects. Objects. on the intervention and ease your procedure. Parallel Patient Processing To be able to work in paral- lel both in the control room and the exam room Control room Control room is essential when it comes to the best possible room utilization. With Parallel Patient Processing, plan- Exam room Exam room ning a procedure is possi- ble without interfering with an ongoing one. This Assist with live patient Process another patient Assist with live patient Process another patient helps to streamline your Bookmarks Typically, pre-planning a procedure had only been possible right before ---- the intervention. With Bookmarks, planning results can easily be saved and recalled at the push of a button at any time. Optimize your workflow Artis with and be more efficient. PURE® Control room Exam room Smart Performance with PURE CLEARmap Achieving the best possible image quality in Roadmap is crucial during x2 complex interventions. CLEARmap enables enhanced image quality and functionality with fewer system interactions. Get more out of your system by simplifying your work- flow, while saving dose and con- trast e.g. by allowing zooming and panning during Roadmap. PURE Delivers Enhanced Image Quality CLEARmatch Patient motion leads to reduced image quality. CLEARmatch re- tains the live image while pixel- shifting the mask image in real- time to provide consistent im- age quality in Roadmap. Get sharper images and enhance your treatment even in chal- ON OFF ON OFF lenging situations. Multiple Needle Guidance In complex interventions, placing multiple needles is time consuming. Multiple Needle Guidance allows you to plan several needle paths in one step. Simply call up each path one by one during the intervention to streamline your procedure. Med. Hochschule Patent, oneable AXIOM-Artis Review and 128 Med Hochschule AXIOM-Artis Review and DynaCT Body Nat Fill F. DE 140321-2WD10 Processing DynaCT Body Nat Fill F. VD10E 140321-2IVD10 Processing HFS Needle Quid HFS Needle Guid # CRIS3972026 CRIS38 72026 Define Para XA Define Pati 8/12/201 Progress N KA 8/12/2014 Progress N 10:22:54 AM 10:22:54 Use Bull's E Progress to align nee Use of Progression Progressia check ne and/or ace pasitic volume for c 1291 plan> LAO 24/ 1293 Enhanced Options for Surgery Artis with PURE allows for the integration of a variety of new surgery-specific components, enabling you to expand your clinical capabilities and speed up your surgical workflow. Integrate 178 cm Trumpf table-tops . None Default Head Holder Head Extension Head Rest (tiltable) 182 Head Clamp W cm Horseshoe Head Rest Ok Close Table-tops Accessories Table-tops Accessories Smooth interaction Save time during procedures. Fewer steps. More efficiency. Artis with PURE® Smart performance Expand your capabilities. More confidence. Better outcomes. Some features are dependent upon system configuration at the time of installation and may not be applicable to every system.

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