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Effective Influencing-Managers

According to Harvard Business Review¹, “No leader can succeed without mastering the art of persuasion. But there’s hard science in that skill, too, and a large body of psychological research suggests there are six basic laws of winning friends and influencing people.” In an interactive way, this workshop introduces the six principles and the psychology behind why they are effective. A seventh principle, Inspiring, added by Siemens Healthineers, is included. Emphasis is placed on how to avoid being manipulative; rather, honestly seeking a true win-win outcome. Participants will practice each of the styles and learn which is their preferred style and the importance of using the preferred style of the “influence.” Participants will also practice effective influencing when more than one person is present. This program includes video examples of the various approaches in action.

Understanding Change-Managers
In the workplace, the only constant is change. This can prove extremely difficult when dealing with employees who strive for stability and consistency. This workshop helps managers understand change and their role within the change management process. It explores change from individual, personal, and organizational perspectives, while examining strategies for coping and leading. Participants will be able to follow the Bridges Transition Model, how it applies to changes in a person’s life, and how personal acceptance of change impacts organizational change. They will learn and apply the Kotter model for implementing change to a case scenario and determining what actions could be taken to ensure an effective change implementation.

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