Replacing the Automatic QC Cartridge Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly replace the Automatic QC Cartridge on your RAPIDPoint® 500 System, including how to prepare the new cartridge for installation.

If you're reinstalling the same automatic QC cartridge, turn the cartridge around to check that the black valve lever is properly aligned between the arrows. Open the cartridge connector by pushing in and then sliding the connector to the right. Wait for the cartridge to release. Remove the cartridge. Get the new automatic QC cartridge. Remove the yellow card from under the lever. Then press down firmly near the raised dots to close an lock the lever in the cartridge. Be sure the lever locks in place. Insert the cartridge in the system. Then push firmly on the raised dot until you hear the cartridge lock in place. Slide the cartridge connector to the left to close it. The installation is complete, the video is finished. Play the video again if you need help while replacing the cartridge.

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