Replacing the Printer Paper Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the printer paper on your RAPIDPoint® 500 System, including how to prepare the new roll of paper prior to installation.

View the following video before you begin. When it's finished, replace the paper, grasp the latch, and move the screen forward. Open the printer compartment. Tear the paper. Turn the paper advanced nob clockwise and remove the paper. Remove the old role, save the spindle to use with the new role. Get a new roll of paper and remove the outer wrapper. Insert the spindle in the role. Placed the role in the compartment so the spindle fits in the grooves on the sides, and the paper unwinds from the bottom. Insert the paper in the printer. Turn the paper advanced nob clockwise to move two to three inches of paper through the top of the printer. Close the printer compartment. The installation is complete. Readjust the screen for viewing. The video is finished. Play the video again if you need help while replacing the paper.