RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas Systems Competency Checklist

Education resource material designed to document competency mastery on-the-job.  This Competency Checklist represents all learning objectives for this training area.

RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas Systems Competency Checklist Once an employee has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to perform basic operation tasks this checklist can be used to observe the employee perform the required tasks for their core job responsibilities and to document demonstrated competency. The observer places their initials and date beside the task when it is performed successfully. Successful completion for each task is determined by the facility. The standards used to evaluate can be documented in the “Criteria” section below. Use the area on the last page to record comments or areas of improvement. If necessary, the observer can record recommended next steps of action for areas of improvement or development opportunities. When all required tasks are completed, the supervisor and employee sign and date this document as a record of completion. Criteria - Standards for successful completion of each task (e.g. Accuracy, Time, Quality, etc.): Observer’s Initials and Completion Date Topic/Tasks Hardware Overview Identify system hardware components Identify system component functions Identify system replaceable cartridges and purpose Software Overview Identify Top level screens Identify user interface icons and functions Sample Processing Perform Pre-analytical Sample Handling Analyze Blood Gas Sample Review & Evaluate Results Recall & Edit Data Calibration Identify elements of a 1 point calibration Identify elements of a 2 point calibration Identify elements of a Full calibration Distinguish between interruptible and uninterruptible calibrations Identify conditions under which retrospective calibration is active Review Calibration data Quality Control Identify ways to analyze Quality Control View Quality Control results Recall Quality Control results Routine Procedures Replace consumable cartridges Replace Sample Port Clean and Disinfect Touch Screen and Exterior Surface Replace Printer Paper Replace Air Filter Quality # HILS1924 Effective Date: 06/09/2017 Page 1 of 2 SIEMENS Healthineers RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas Systems Competency Checklist Comments Areas of Improvement Next Steps  Primary Operator  Secondary Operator has been trained on the above documented tasks Supervisor: Employee: Date: Quality # HILS1924 Effective Date: 06/09/2017 Page 2 of 2 SIEMENS Healthineers