Recovering from SH Robot Dropping a Cal-QC Tube or Tube Cover Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video will explain how to recover from the robot dropping a Cal-QC tube or tube cover on the Atellica Sample Handler.

This procedure can be used to recover from the sample handler robot dropping a calcu. See tube or tube cover. 1st put the sample handler into stop mode by selecting the system button on the command bar. And then selecting the Status tab and then the sample handler module icon on the sample handler status screen, select the Stop icon. Once the sample handler is stopped, open the sample handler back cover by first selecting the unlock back cover button. Then open the back cover. Manually move the SH robot to the back corner of the SH. Do not hold the SH robot grippers to move the robot. Only move the robot by holding the robot body. Ensure the SH robotan cabling do not block the calcu. See storage area cover. Loosen the two thumb screws on the back of the calcu. See storage area cover. Rotate, open the calc UC storage area cover. Then remove all calc tubes from the storage area. For each tube, the tube cover must first be removed, and then the tube can be removed. After removing the tube, replace the tube cover and then move on to removing the next tube. When replacing the tube covers, ensure that the tabs on the tube cover align so the cover properly seats in the Cal QC storage area. Reinstall the drop calc you see tube cover in the storage area if appropriate. When complete tube covers must be present on all positions except the three right, most positions close the calc UC storage area cover. Tighten the two calculus storage area cover thumbscrews. Inspect the SH robot gripper orings. If any orings show signs of wear or damage. Replace all four O rings. Then close the sample handler back cover. Once the sample handler back cover is closed, lock the cover by selecting the lock back cover button. Notify the local Technical Support provider of the drop calc you see. Tube or cover. Drop calc tubes or covers could indicate a potential problem with the sample handler robot, so do not start the sample handler until the local Technical Support provider informs you that it is safe to do so. To start the sample handler, select the resume button on the sample handler system status screen. And then complete the procedure by confirming that the Calcu See storage area contents have changed to the default on the sample handler system status screen. Select the confirm Calcu see storage content button. And then select the all samples have been removed by the user and contents restored to default button followed by the OK Button.

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