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SIEMENS Healthineers Part: Addendum Remote software update and virus protection The Addendum replaces the Addendum “Virus Protection for AXIOM Systems” (AX0-000.623.07.01.xx) and “Remote Software Update” (AX0- 000.623.11.02.xx). Note Virus protection is not released for all systems and is depending on installed SW versions. Updating your system with virus pattern, hotfixes, and software updates In order to ensure fast provision of product enhancements and optimal protection of your Siemens system against virus attacks, your system will receive software updates and security-relevant hotfixes via Siemens Remote Service (SRS), if your system is connected. Hotfixes are update packages of files meant to close a vul- nerability in the operating system. Siemens assesses the security relevance of each new hotfix released by the operating system manufacturer for each of our systems. Siemens comprehensively tests and approves the hotfix before pushing it via the SRS infrastructure onto your system. When the system gets started, it au- tomatically checks whether a new software update or hotfix is pending for instal- lation. Using the virus scanner Virus protection is not enabled on all systems. If you wish to enable Siemens Virus Protection for your system, please contact your local Uptime Service Center or Si- emens sales representative. OfficeScan™ is configured to check your system for known viruses automatically , ensuring that the primary functions are prevented from being slowed down. As long as the virus scanner does not detect a virus, the tool will run entirely in the background, without disturbing your clinical work at any time. If a virus is detected, you will receive a pop-up message with information on how to proceed. See section "Dealing with virus infection" for more details. HOOD05162002942855 AX Systems AX0-000.623.19.01.02 1 / 6 SIEMENS Healthineers Addendum Updating the virus scanner In order to ensure optimal system protection, your virus scanner will continuously receive automatic remote software updates with the latest Siemens validated vi- rus pattern files. Siemens will transfer these updates onto your system via the Si- emens Remote Service infrastructure. During the next start of the system, it is automatically checked if a new software package is available for installation. Virus pattern, hotfix, or software update available One of the below windows Software-Distribution or Software Distribution / In- stallation will be displayed depending on the software version. With server-based systems of the new generation, the IT Admin will be notified of the remote software update by email. Software Installation oftware-Distribution Category Refinement Update A software package is scheduled for this system since "05/23/2007 15:54" Package Name AX_AX010-07-R_DST_Update Category Refinement Update Package Version 1.000 Package-Name AX010-07-R DST_Update Scheduled since Content This update enables the System to automaticaly adjust the computer con the correct date in 2007 due to revised Daylight Saving Time Summary This update enables the System to laws in many countries, automatically adjust the computer clock on the correct date in 2007 due to revised Daylight Size 1. MB Description Saving Time laws in many countries Estimated installation time 20 sec Size 1. MB Reboot required No Estimated Installation time 20 sec Reboot required No ? Do you want to install? The installation of this package is mandatory Defer All Yes LATER Install Defer Help DESCRIPTION HELP This window will be closed in 10760 seconds. Software installation window 1 (left) and window 2 (right) It is recommended to install any remote software update immediately after start of the system. With newer software versions, an icon with a blinking exclamation mark is dis- played in the status bar when a remote software update is available.  Do not to click the icon during a patient study.  By clicking it, the window software installation will open. If it is called up with the icon later in the day, it is recommended to close all patient studies before installing the remote software update. In the event of a hotfix or software update installation, a reboot of your system may be required to make the update effective. The dialog window indicates if a reboot is necessary to complete the installation procedure. HOOD05162002942855 2 / 6 AX0-000.623.19.01.02 Operator Manual SIEMENS Healthineers Remote software update and virus protection Installing virus pattern file updates silently (not available with all systems/software versions) Since virus pattern file updates occur more or less daily and are installed within a couple of seconds, you also have the possibility to define once that all future virus pattern file updates are installed without specific notification and without asking you to confirm the update each time. On server-based systems, it will be done automatically.  If you wish to accept the silent installation of virus pattern file updates, check the window: Accept silent installation of future software packages of this type.  Click the check box to confirm the installation of the pending update and the silent installation of all future virus pattern updates. HELP Provides a description of the fields. Summary/Content A brief description of the package contents or special information regarding the software package. DESCRIPTION Provides detailed information about the remote software update (optional, not supported by all software versions) Yes / Install Starts the software installation Later / Defer / Defer All Defers the software installation until the next reboot Estimated installation Time for the software installation; the time for the reboot, if necessary is not in- time cluded. Installing the hotfix or software update Software installation will disturb system functions Caution Interruption of patient treatment and loss of patient data  Do not start installation during patient treatment  Click the Install or Yes button to confirm the installation of the update. The in- stallation will start immediately and its progress will be displayed in the lower part of the dialog window. HOOD05162002942855 AX Systems AX0-000.623.19.01.02 3 / 6 SIEMENS Healthineers Addendum nstallation-Progress Or  Click the Defer, Defer All or LATER button if you do not wish to install the up- date right now. The dialog box will close without installation. As long as the update is not installed, the dialog window Software-Distribution and the icon will be displayed after each system start, asking you to carry out the installation. Siemens advises you to carry out hotfix and software update installations imme- diately. If you have to postpone an installation, make sure that you catch up on it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your system is on a lower security level and more vulnerable to outside attacks. Finishing the installation Successful installation Updates which do not require a reboot: If the installation of the update has been completed successfully, you will receive a corresponding message.  Click OK to finish the installation procedure and close the dialog window. Updates which require a reboot: With some newer software versions, the system will automatically reboot after up- date installation without display of a message; therefore no confirmation is nec- essary anymore. With some older software versions, the system will reboot once you have clicked OK and will then be available for use. Failed installation If the installation of the update has failed for any reason, you will be notified with a corresponding message like following: HOOD05162002942855 4 / 6 AX0-000.623.19.01.02 Operator Manual SIEMENS Healthineers Remote software update and virus protection The instalation of the hotfix foiled This failure has been reported The installation of the hotfix failed. This failure has been reported automati- automatically to Siemens Uptime Services for resolution already. Please do not continuo working on this system and call the Uptime cally to Siemens Uptime Services for resolution already. Please do not contin- Service Center for further information and assistance, ue working on this system and call the Uptime Service Center for further information and assistance. Installation of the Update package failed Caution Failed software installation will result in an undefined system state  Do not use the system and call the Uptime Service Center  Click OK to close the dialog window. Dealing with virus infections If the virus scanner has detected a virus on your Siemens system, the following messages with similar text will be displayed. OfficeScan Client X Type: Real-time scan User: Administrator Infected file: F:\ Virus name: Eicar_test_file Action: Pass Date and time: 2004/11/12 08:51:30 OK OfficeScan Client TREND MICRO OfficeScan Corporate Edition A virus has been detected on your system. Proper system functionality may not be available at this time. The virus infection is being automatically reported to Siemens UPTIME Services for resolution. Please call the UPTIME Service Center for further User name: Administrator 1 viruses found Scan ... Infected file Virus name Result Date a ... Real-ti ... F:\ Eicar_test_file Pass 2004/1 ... Help OK" HOOD05162002942855 AX Systems AX0-000.623.19.01.02 5 / 6 SIEMENS Healthineers Addendum The information on the detected virus will be automatically reported via remote to the Siemens Uptime Service Center for resolution action. If the system is infected by a virus, proper function cannot be guaranteed. Any procedures currently underway should be completed; afterwards the system should not be used anymore. Please contact your Uptime Service Center to receive all relevant information on how to proceed, before using your system again. 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