Replacing System Fluids on the Atellica® IM Analyzer with the Sample Handler Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of replacing the system fluids on the Atellica® IM Analyzer with the Sample Handler.

This video will show you the steps for how to replace system fluids on the atellica Immuno assay analyzer using the module display the Immuno Assay analyzer houses the following fluids that need replacing when empty. I am acid. I am base. I am cleaner. And 2:00 AM wash containers. Each fluid container has an assigned position as indicated on the graphic and can be replaced without pausing or stopping the analyzer. To replace the system fluids, first select system fluids from the module display to view the system fluid status. Each system fluid is displayed here and there status is determined by the color of the icon. A yellow icon indicates the bulk system. Fluid bottle is empty and the system is using the reservoir or the lot are on board. Stability will expire in less than 48 hours, while a red icon indicates the supply level is out or there is only enough fluid in the reservoir to process the aspirated tests determine the system fluids that require replacement. Open the system fluid drawer. Tighten the cap of the system fluid container to be removed and remove the appropriate system fluid container. Discard the system fluid container according to laboratory protocol. Using the barcode on the front label, scan the new fluid container barcode from the module display by holding the container at a 45 degree angle under the module display barcode reader. Ensure the module console displays the correct lot sequence and expiration under the appropriate fluid and select OK. To replace the system fluids, first determine which slot to insert the container into. Look at the number on the label of the container and find the slot with the corresponding number holding the new system fluid container vertically with the septum facing down. Insert the container straight down into the drawer with the label facing away from the analyzer. Note the container only delivers fluid when the operator fully seats it into the designated location to securely seat the container. Do not insert at an angle. Confirm the container is fully seated by ensuring that the tabs on the sides of the container are even with the drawer surface to prevent a vacuum from forming inside the container. That could cause the analyzer to stop processing. Vent the container in order to vent the container. Squeeze and twist the cap counterclockwise to pass the first designated stop, then no longer squeeze, but twist the cap until it reaches the next designated stop. Complete the procedure by closing the system fluid drawer.

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