Replacing the A-LYTE Multisensor on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with Direct Load Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing the A-LYTE Multisensor on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with Direct Load.

This video will show you the steps on how to change the a light multisensor on the Atellica chemistry analyzer with the direct load the a light multisensor must be changed every 5000 samples or 14 days. To replace the a light multisensor, first ensure that the analyzer is in ready processing or standby state on the command bar, select system. Then select status. Select the Ch analyzer icon and review the status of the analyzer to ensure the analyzer is in ready processing or standby. Next, select inventory. Select supplies overview. Then select the Ch icon. And select replace I empty supplies. If this window displays with options to either perform IMT advanced clean or replace. I empty supplies. It means that and IMT advanced clean is required before the next multisensor replacement. To continue, select perform EMT advanced clean and then wait for the IMT advanced clean to complete. When the empty advanced clean completes, navigate back to the analyzer supply screen and select replace. I empty supplies. Wait for the analyzer to pause. Next, open the IMT fluids lid. Locate the multisensor on the system. The sensor is located next to the IMT fluids to release the Multisensor. Pull the sensor access latch down away from the analyzer. To remove the multisensor, pull it up and out of its slot and discard for your laboratory's rules. Scan the new multisensor using the handheld barcode scanner and ensure the lot and expiration display correctly. Insert the new multisensor into the slot with the label facing forward. Close the latch by pushing towards the analyzer an then close the empty fluids lid to complete the procedure. Select save. The empty will automatically prime condition an calibrate. Wait for the processes to complete.

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SIEMENS . Atellicae Solution Version Atellicae Solution Version I. Atellica• Solution Version 120.0339900' SIEMENS p.P1 Healthineers Heolthineers Status Seatup SetLQ Setup Samples InveNtory Inventory I nventory Orders Made-narce Madte-narze Mantenarze M airtenarEe Madtenarze System Logs Operator Diagnostics Supplies Overview Reagent Overview Reagent Loader Overview Reagent Overview Reagent Loader Reagent Needs Supplies Overview Reagent Lot Comparison Cal-QC Storage Inventory Cal-QC Needs Replace IMT Supplies Replace System Fluids c. 1-06 c-P1-02 c-p1-05 PI-02 System VMM pot -05 c-p1-05 p-p1-05 c-P1-02 SIEMENS System Fluids System Flux's OBS Lot Expiraupmj() PI-02 The 1M T Advanced Clean maintenance procedure is due. The IMT Advanced Clean maintenance procedure is due- The IMT Advanced Clean maintenance procedure is due. Replace System Fluids Replace IMT Supplies SIEMENS Standby Standby CH Cleaner Cleaner 3d4h 12/121/2018 95897 OCH Alerts CH Conditioner 25 d 3 h 521/2019 12546 32d4h CH Capabilities CH Conditioner SIEMENS Category Tme To be in the Advanced Glean before replacing the A-LYTE mulitsensov, select Perform IMJ Adyanced Clean. To begin the Advanced Clean before replacing the A-LYTE mulitsensor, select Perform IMT Advanced Clean. Pretreatment Temperature : 100 •C Pretreatmnent Temperature : 100 •C Pretreatment Temperature : 10.0 •C Pretreatmnent Temperature : 10,0 •C Pretreatmnent Temperature : 10.0 •C CH wash 10/12419/2018 0000089477 0000058758 1M Cleaner CH Cleaner Reagent Compartmenmt 1 3.118.1 •C CH Diluent 27 d 21 h 27 d h 10/1241/2019 0000096662 00551 CH CH Diluent Reagent Compartment 2 : 8.018.0 •C Reagent Compartment 1 : 8.118.1 •C Reagent Compartment 2 : 8.01 8.0 •C Reagent Compartment 1 : 3.118.1 •C Healthineers Replace Pretreatrnent Pretreatrnent Pretreatment To replace 1M T supplies directly without perfornhino the IMT AdvänCed Clean, select Replace INIT Supplies. To replace IMT supplies directly without performing the IMT Advanced Clean, select Replace IMT Supplies. 12d4h 32d4h 0000180421 01427 IMT Connected to PCC Ring : 37.0 •C IMT Module Stopped Volume Status OBS Lot Expiration Sequence Number To exit, select Cancel. Replace IMT Supplies Reagent Reagent Overview V'T std B + san Bridge IMT std B + san Bridge 59% 9d20h Id20h 00876 Patient Sample Processing System Flux's System Fluids Perform IMT Advanced Clean Clean Replace IM T Supplies Replace System Fluids Replace IMT Supplies Cancel IMT Standard A 53% 59% 9Od20h 12/121/2019 00876 00372 Front Cover 0K 'MT Consumabks IMT Consumabks IMT Sensor Front Cover Back Cover IMT Diluent Diluent 65% Expires Soon 9d20h 12/123/2019 0000058947758 00001894215 IMT Sensor 170020 5000 0K 8d3h 170020 00551 00876 PEP LabManaøer LabManager Monday. 29.2019 PM Monday. Juty 29, 2019 Monday. 29.2019 Monday. 29, 2019 10166 PM Monday. 29, 2019 29.2019 Monday, 29, 2019 1:066 PM Monday, 29, 2019 PM Monday. 29. 2019 Monday. 29, 2019 PM