Replacing the A-LYTE Multisensor on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with Sample Handler Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing the A-LYTE Multisensor on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with Sample Handler.

This video will show you the steps on how to change the a light multisensor on the Atellica chemistry analyzer. With the sample handler. The Allied Multisensor must be changed every 5000 samples or 14 days. To replace the a light multisensor, first ensure that the analyzer is in ready processing or standby state. On the module display, the analyzer status is displayed in the upper right corner. Next on the module display, select IMT supplies. If this window displays with options to either perform IMT advanced clean or replace. I empty supplies. It means that and IMT advanced clean is required before the next multisensor replacement. To continue select perform IMT advanced clean and then wait for the IMT advanced clean to complete. Then select I empty supplies on the module display again. Select pause, I empty and wait for this process to complete. And then select the I empty multisensor. Next, open the IMT fluids lid. Next, locate the multisensor on the system. The sensor is located next to the IMT fluids to release the Multisensor. Pull the sensor access latch down away from the analyzer. To remove the multisensor, pull it up and out of its slot and discard for your laboratory's rules. To scan the new multisensor, use the barcode reader located on the bottom of the module display. Ensure the lot and expiration display correctly. Insert the new multisensor into the slot with the label facing forward. Close the latch by pushing towards the analyzer and then close the I empty fluids lid. On the module display, select OK. The IMT will automatically prime condition an calibrate. Wait for the process is to complete.

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CI-CH IMT Supplies SIEMENS Supplies IMT Sensor Scanned LabManager Standby IMT Fluid Container Scanned dy Siemens Healthineers presents The IMT Advanced Clean maintenance procedure is due. SIEMENS Sensor 2MT Standard A Expiration 5/5/2017 AM Lot 1222222222-22222 Expiration To replace IMT Sensor and IMT Fluids, pause the IMT system by opening the IMT SIEMENS i Supplies lid, and then scan or manually enter the 1M T Sensor or IMT Fluid Replacing the A-LYTE To begin the Advanced Clean before replacing the A-LYTE mulitsensor, select Perform IMT Advanced Clean. To barcode. on the [email protected] CH Analyzer Healthinec Healthineers ' Module State State System Fluids Supplies IMT Supplies TD-LYTE To replace IMT supplies directly without performing the IMT Advanced Clean, select Replace IMT Supplies. with Sample Handler IMT Std B + Salt IMT Sensor Sensor 2MT Standard A IMT Standard A Diluent Bridge To resume the IMT System, place the IMT Fluidr in the holder, and close To resume the IMT System, place the IMT Fluid in the holder and close To exit, select Cancel. To push up the IMT Sensor latch and close the IMT Supplies lid. the IMT Supplies lid. Pause Pause IMT OK Cancel Perform IMT Advanced Clean Replace IMT Supplies Cancel Reagent Loader