Replacing the IMT Fluids on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with Direct Load Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of replacing the IMT fluids on the Atellica® CH Analyzer with the Direct Load.

This video will show you the steps on how to change the IMT fluids on the Atellica Chemistry analyzer with the direct load. The IMT fluids are located in the front of the chemistry analyzer on the top left. To replace the empty fluids, first ensure that the analyzer is in ready processing or standby state on the command bar, select system. Then select status. Select the Ch analyzer icon and review the status of the analyzer to ensure the analyzer is in ready processing or standby. Then lift the empty fluids lid located on the top front cover of the chemistry analyzer. Next, select inventory on the command bar. Select supplies overview. Then select the Ch icon. And select replace I empty supplies. If this window displays with options to either perform I empty, advanced, clean or replace. I empty supplies. It means that and IMT advanced clean is required before the next multisensor replacement. If you are only replacing the empty fluids and are not replacing the a light multisensor, select replace. I empty supplies, then pause. I empty and wait for this process to complete. Locate and remove the appropriate I empty fluid container. The chemistry analyzer houses three EMT fluid bottles. A light I empty standard B plus salt bridge a light I empty standard A and a light. I empty diluent. Discard the correct MTI empty container as per laboratory protocol. Do not touch the cannulas in the key areas at the bottom of the system fluids drawer. The cannulas can puncture skin. Using the handheld barcode reader, scan the new I empty fluid bottle. Ensure the correct lot sequence and expiration display. Holding the new IMT fluid vertically with the septum facing down. Insert the new container into position. The IMT fluid containers only fit in the designated position when the cannula punctures the septum to complete the procedure, close the I empty fluids lid and then select the save button in the software.

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SIEMENS Atellicae Solution Version Atellicae Solution Version I. SIEMENS . Solution Version 1.200 3399001 p.P1 p-p1-O p-P1 Healthineers SIEMENS Pdient Orders Seatup System Inventory Patient Orders Orders Madtenarze Mantenarze Maintenance MairtenarEe Status Status Logs Operator Diagnostics u-QC Neds Reagent Loader Reagent Overview Reagent Needs Reagent Needs Supplies Overview Reagent Lot Comparison Cal-QC Storage Inventory Cal-QC Needs IMT Standard A Standard A c-P1-06 c. 1-06 PI -02 c-P1-02 PI-02 C-PI-02 System VMM pot -05 c-P1-02 p-p1-05 System Fluids Volume Status Lot ExpiraÅ9Jb6() -060 The IMT Advanced Clean maintenance procedure is due. Replace System Fluids Standby Standby Standby CH Cleaner 95897 3d4h 1M Acid OCH Alerts 25 d 3 h 12d4h CH Conditioner 12546 Capabilities CH Conditioner SIEMENS Category Time Tme Replacing Fluids Replace System Fluids To begin the Advanced Clean before replacing the A-LYTE mulitsensor, select Perform IMT Advanced Clean. Pretreatrnent Temperature : 10.0 •C Pretreatrnent Temperature : 10,0 •C CH wash 11/120/2019 Wash wash REF CH Cleaner Reagent Com.partment 1 •C CH 27 h 000005689621 00551 OCH CH wash 279762 Reagent Compoartment 1 : 3.118.1 •C Reagent Compartment 1 : 3.018.1 •C Reagent Compartment 1 : 3.118.1 •C Reagent Com.partment 1 •C Reagent Compartment 2 : 8.018.0 •C Healthineers Healthineers ' Replace Pretreatrnent Replace Replace Pretreatment 2016-10-11 Pretreatment To replace IMT supplies directly without performing the IMT Advanced Clean, select Replace IMT Supplies. 0K 25 d 3 h 01427 IMT Connected to PCC Time Tips cuvette Ring Thermal 37.0 •C Ring : 37.0 •C SIEMENS of IMT std + salt Bridge std B salt Bridge IMT Module Stopped Module stopped Volume Status OBS Lot Expiration Sequence Number To exit. select Cancel. To exit, select Cancel. Replace IMT Supplies Reagent Reagent Loader Reagent Overview IMT Standard A IMT Standard A IMT std B + salt Bridge 0K 000005896210 Patient Sample Processtng Patient Sample Processing 08 18 Made in: USA SIEMENS 08 18 System Flue's System Fluids Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. IM Diluent 500 Drive Perform IMT Advanced Clean Replace IMT Supplies Cancel IMT Standard A Standard A 59% 9d20h 00876 1M T Standard A Front Cover 1/12/2019 0000094055 00372 500 GBC Drive 500 1M T Consumat*s IMT Consumabks MT Consumat* IMT Sensor Sensor Front Cover Back Cover CMT Diluent Diluent 65% Expres Soon Expires Soon Id20h IMT Sensor Sensor 170020 8d3h 170020 PEP Monday, Juty 29.2019 Monday. 29. 2019 Monday. 29, 2019 1:01S6PM Monday. 29, 2019 Monday. 29.2019 1MS6PM Monday. 29, 2019 PM Monday. Juty 29.2019 Monday. 29. 2019 101156 PM Monday, 29. 2019 PM Monday, 29, 2019 10166 PM LabManager Monday, 29, 2019 PM