Replacing the Mixer Impellers on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing the mixer impellers on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

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SIEMENS SIEMENS Build 1.6.0 SIEMENS 1.6.0 p. 1-05 pep' 1-05 p.p 1-05 pep- 1-05 pep 1-05 p-P1-05 c-P1-03 System Subsystems Orders Work list Maintenmce Maintenance Se•aSetup SettSetup Inventory Worklist Maintenarze MaintenarEe Invettory Software Updates Soft-wore Updates Data Restore Schedule Eperator Diagnostics Eniter Diagnostics Diagnostics Exit Diagnostics Operator Diagnostics Log Diagnostic Name Opet Diagnostics Operator Diagnostics Diagnostics About PEPconnect PE Pconnect Soft-ware Updates Report PEP connect Updates Exit Diagnostics Copy Configuration Report System VMM pep' 1-05 C-P1-03 C.P1-02 p' -15 pi-15 c-P1-06 p 1-15 c-P1-06 c-P1-03 O C-P1-03 C-P1-03 Filter Failter Module: CH Frequency. AJI Tlme: Al Performed By: Al Module: CH Frequency: AJI All Performed By: All Module: CPI .03 Frequency All Time: All Performed By: All Module: CPI -03 Frequency All Tme: All Performed By: All p 1-06 p' CH CH Cl Moheduled Activity Scheduled Fri-02 Sat-03 Sun-U Mon-05 Tue-06 Wed-07 Thu-08 Module n Mixer Impeller Replacer-tEnt Dilution Mixer Impeller Replacement Module Activity Module Module Stopped Mixer Impeller Rep14Fment CH Mon--17 Tue-18 Wed-19 Thu-20 Tue-18 Wed-19 Thu-20 Fri-21 Sat-22 Sun-23 Diagnostic Name Diagnostics Descripton Subsystems Exit Diagnostics Description Frequency All Frequency CH Cleaning Cuvettes As Confirmation Mark as Corrvleted Mark as Cornpleted 04t20Q017 4:00 04/20/2017 400 Mark as Completed Standby Pf$eplactng Source Lamp Dilution Mixer Impeller Replacement Lamp Replæernent Replacing Source Lamp Dilution Mixer 1 Dilution Klixer Imp& e Lamp Replacement Dilution M' Impeller ler Replacement Mixer 1 Mixer Performed Perform Time All Cleaning Reagent Loader OCH CH MaintenarEe 04/2302017 4:00 041230017 4:00 Alerts Not Perform... Not Sample Mixer IrnpeJer Replacenw•nt Check Lamp Coolant Checking Lamnp Coolant Reagent Loader Mixer IrnpeJer Mixer Replacement Performed Capabilities Replacing the [email protected] GGCKKGSCI-CH Clearang System Fluids Drawer Ca Time Wxer Irnpelkr R%Aacenpnt Procedure IMT Reagent Mixedlmpeller Replacement Reageiont Mixer Impeller Replacement Reagent Mixer 2 Reagent Mixer 1 Reagent Loader Reagent n Mixer Impeller Replacer-tEnt Mixer Impeller Replacen-tEnt Mixer Impeller Replacer-tEnt n Mixer Impeller Replacen-tEnt Reagent Mixer Impeller Replacernent Reagent M•xer 1 To search for an actMty, er To search tor an actrwty er Search Text 1 : 11.8112.0 •C 1 : 11.8/120 •C GGCKK6SCl-CH Dilution Wxer 1 Replacing Source Replacing Lanv As 0501/2017 0:00 050112017 Edit,'View. Do you want to perform: Dilution Mixer Impeller Reagent Cornpartrnent 2 : 11.8 / 12.0 •C Reagent Compartment 2 118/ 120 CH Scheduled by Operator Dilubon Probe 1 Dilution Probe 1 Dilution Probe )ilubon Probe Scheduled by OperatCT C-P1-03 CH Replacing Dilution Cuvette Segrnents Draining and Filing Reaction Bath Draining and Filling Reaction Bath As 06.01/2017 Replacement? Automatically Sc heduled Automnatic ally Sc heduled Automatic alty Sc heduled Autornatic ally )ilubon Wash Probe • C-P1-03 050112017 000 CH Scheduled by Service Replacing IMT Penstatbc Pump Tubng Replacing MT Tubng 0:00 Connected to PCC Reactton Probe 2 cuvette Ring Thermal : 3423 •C Ring Thermal : 342 •C Failter Wash Probe 3 DilubOon Wash Probe I Overdue Reaction Wash 3 0:00 Module Stopped Module Activity ox X Inprocess Inprocess CPI -03 Not Il Dilution Washer Dryer 1 Dilubon Washer Probe Dryer 1 Dilution Washer Prot* Dryer 1 )ilubon Washer Probe Dryer Yes No nprocess Reagent Loader Reagent Mixer Reagent Mixer 1 Wash Probe 4 I GGCKKGSClck GGCKKGSCI-CH Drantng and Reaction Bath and Reaction Bath System Fluils System Flukls Completed CH Clearung Cuvettes V Patient Sample Processing Patient Sample Processtng Not Performed. Not Perform... Not Performed Performed Net Performed Unlock Lids Continue Close IMT Consumabks Reaction Washer Probe Dryer 1 Probe 1 As Needed Clean Reagent Loader Reaction Wash Probe 4 Dilution Wash Probe 1 With Comments CPI -03 Reaction Wash 2 Clean System Fluids Drawer Reaction Washer Probe Dryer 1 Dilution Washer Dryer 1 Dilubion Washer Probe Dryer 1 Back Cover Front Cover CPI -03 Dilution Wash Probe 1 Reaction Wash Probe 1 C-P1-03 Reagent Mixer 1 Dilution Mixer 1 ' Reaoent Mixer 1 Dilution Mixer 1 As Nee±ed As Needed Exit Diagnostics Enter Operator Diagnostics Exit Add Activity Set Exit Diagnostics Eniter Diagnostics Diagnostics Eperator Diagnostics Add Set Warning. LabM3naaer 40 PEP Wednesday. 19.2017 125620 PM Wednesday, 19. 2017 125620 PM Wednesday. 19, 2017 125620 PM PM LabM anager Tuesday. March 28, 2017 AM Tuesday. March 28, 2017 832 AM Monday. May 08, 2017 100 PM Monday. May 08, 2017 PM LabManager Monday, June 05. 2017 2423 PM