Replacing the Atellica® Sample Handler Robot Gripper O-Rings Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing the Atellica® Sample Handler robot gripper O-rings.

This procedure should only be performed after the Atellica sample handler robot handles approximately 60,000 sample containers. If Orings fall off the sample handler robot grippers. If the sample handler robot is not properly gripping, the sample containers or if inspection of the sample handler robot shows worn or damaged O rings. To replace the robot gripper Orings, first remove all of the racks from the sample drawers. Then put the sample handler into either pause or stop mode, pausing the sample handler enables the system to complete all tests currently in process while stopping the sample handler stops the system immediately and discards all tests currently in process to put the sample handler into pause or stop mode, first select the system button on the command bar. And then selecting the status tab. And the sample handler tab. On the sample handler status screen, select either the pause or stop icon. Once the sample handler is paused or stopped, open the sample handler front cover by first selecting the button to unlock the front cover. Wait for the lock symbol to change to an unlock symbol. Then open the front cover within 30 seconds of disabling the cover lock. If the cover is not opened within 30 seconds, it will automatically relock manually. Move the sample handler robot to the front of the sample handler. Do not hold the sample handler robot grippers to move the robot. Only move the robot by holding the robot body and keep the robot grippers clear of all obstacles. If the robot is out of reach from the front of the sample handler, open the sample handler back cover to move the robot into position. Place paper towels below the robot grippers to catch any orings that may fall. Manually raise the gripper assembly and hold it in place to access the orings. Grasp and pull each of the four gripper orings off its gripper finger. Dispose of the old orings per laboratory protocol. Place a new o-ring on each of the four gripper fingers. Remove the paper towel from below. The sample handler robot gripper. Close the sample handler front cover if appropriate. Also closed the sample handler back cover. Lock the sample handler front cover by selecting the button to lock the front cover on the sample handler status screen. If appropriate. Also lock the sample handler back cover to complete the procedure. Start the sample handler by selecting the resume icon on the sample handler system status screen. Mark the task as completed in the maintenance schedule by first selecting the maintenance button on the command bar. And then select the Schedule tab. In module select sample handler from the dropdown menu. Select the activity. Inspecting or replacing SH. Robot gripper orings. And finally select Mark as completed to log the activity is completed in the maintenance log.

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