Replacing the Source Lamp on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing the source lamp on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

video will show you the steps on how to change the Ch analyzer source lamp. The Ch analyzer alerts for Lamp replacement based on lamp intensity. To change the lamp, the system must be set to diagnostic state. This can be done by selecting system in the command bar. Next select operator diagnostics. Select the chemistry module icon, select enter diagnostics, select yes. In subsystems, select lamp. Select replacing source Lamp select perform. Select yes, wait for the analyzer to prepare for maintenance. The covers unlock automatically if the back cover re locks before you were able to open it, select the button in the software to unlock the back cover. Open the back cover. Once the cover is opened, remove the bulb access plate. Next, press the side power button to the left of the lamp to turn it off. Do not touch the lamp housing. The lamp housing becomes hot with use and can cause burns. Allow the lamp to cool for approximately 5 minutes before touching any components. Disconnect the lamb connection by squeezing the sides and pulling apart. Do not look directly at the Ch UV light in the source lamp assembly or at its reflection from a shiny surface. The UV light can cause eye damage. Loosen the lab thumbscrews. Pull the lamp out and discard for laboratory protocol. On the new lamp, do not touch the glass portion of the lamp. This can cause damage to the lamp. If the lamp is dirty, clean it using lint free towelling moistened with ethanol. Insert the new lamp into the housing line up the pin on the lamp housing with the matching slot on the lamp base. Rotate the lamp into the housing until it slides into place. Reconnect the lamp connection. Tighten both thumb screws. Turn the lamp power on. Replace the bulb access plate. Close the back cover of the analyzer to exit diagnostic state. Select continue, select close, select exit diagnostics, select yes to complete the procedure. Select the maintenance tab in the Command bar, select schedule. Select the chemistry module from the dropdown menu. Select replacing source lamp in the software mark, replacing source lamp as completed. After one hour, perform an auto check, wait for auto check to complete before analyzing samples. Perform QC if QC fails, re calibrate the failed assays and repeat QC before processing patient samples.

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