Replacing the Triple Wash Probes on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing the triple wash probes on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

SIEMENS p. 1-05 C.P1-02 System Cahtyatjon Callbxmation Callbation Cahltxation C ahtxation Cahltyation Calitxation Calibation C alltxatbn Calltxatjon P*ient Orders M aimenare:e Maimenarx:e C alitxatjon Patent Orders Workhst M airtenarwe M aimenarx:e M aimtenarx:e M aimenaree M airtenarz:e M aimenarr:e Maintenance Software Updates Data Restore Copy Configuration Configuration Operator Diagnostics Ot Diagnostics Exiter Diagnostics Diagnostics Enter Diagnostics Log Diagnostic Name Diagnostics Exit Diagnostics About PE Pconnect Report Schedule O Diagnostics Ent Diagnostics Report System C-P1-08 C-P1-02 C-PIG c-p1-06 C-P1-03 Module: C-P1-08 Frequency All Time. All Performed By. All Filter Module: C-P1-03 Frequency: All Time: All Performed By, All Module: C-P1-03 Frequency All Time: All Performed By All C-PIO Frequency All Time. All Performed By. All PI -01 CPI -08 CH Mohedule Module c.P1-08 C-P1-08 c.P1.08 c-P1-08 Performed. Perform Sat-06 Mon-08 Wed-IO Thu-Il Reaction Wash Probe 1 Diuction Wash Probe 2 Replacement Module Activity Replacement CH Scheduled Sat-06 Tue-09 Module Moheduled Mon-17 Tue-18 Wed-19 Thu-20 Tue-18 Fri-21 sat-22 Moheduled Diagnostics Descnpton Description Subsystems Diagnostic Name All Frequency All Frequency Dilution Washer Probe Dryer 1 Diluuon Washer Probe Dryer 1 Maintenance 04/202017 4:00 Mark as Completed Mark as Compketed C alitxatjon Confirmatione2 Callbatjon Confirmation Callbrmation Cahfityatjon Standby Standby keplaclng Source Lamp Reagent Prot* 2 Replacement Reagent Probe 2 Source Lanv Replacement Sample Probe Replacement Sample Probe Replacernent Lamp Replacement San-ole Probe Replacement Sanwole Probe Replacernent Perform pedorm CFI .08 All Time 0501/2017 0:00 05/01/2017 000 OCH Not Not Perform.. Not Performed Reaction Wash Probe 2 Checking Lamnp Coolant Dilution Probe Replacernent Checking Larnp Coolant Probe 1 Probe 1 Probe C)duticn Probe Reßacenmt CFI -03 Performed. All Performed Reaction Wash Probe 1Replaement Checking Larnp Coolant Diutim Wash Probe 3 CH Replacing Reaction Cuvette Segmnents 04,23'2017 6:00 Ttme IMT f robe 2 Reagent 1 Replacer-rent Reagent Probe 1 Reagent Probe 2 Replacement Reagent Probe 1 Replacement Dilution Wash Probe 2 Replacemnent Reagent P San-ole Probe Replacernent Probe 1 Replacement Search Text Replace Reaction Wash Probe 1: Reagent 1 : 12.0 •C Reacten Wash Probe 2 Reaction Washer Probe Dryer 1 Replacing Source Replacing IMT Peristaltic Pump Tubcng As Needed Wash probe 3 Reagent Probe 2 Replacement Reagent Probe 1 Replacer-rent Reagent Mixer 2 Probes Reagent Probe 1 Replacem-rent Reagent : 11.8112.0 •C Scheduled by Operator Reaction Wash Probe 1 Reaction Wash Probe 2 Reaction Wash 3 CH 01101/2018000 Replacement? Reaction Wash Probe 5ryer 1 Replacemnent Reaction Wash Probe 2 Replacemne:nt Reaction Wash 1 Reaction Wash Probe Dryer 1 Replacemnent Reaction Wash Probe 2 Replacernent Reaction obe 1 Replacement Scheduled Automatically Scheduled Automatic ally Scheduled Autornatically Reaction VVa>h Probe 4 CH Autochec k 05/01/2017 0:00 Scheduled by Servu:e Reaction Wash Probe 2 sh Probe 2 Replacement Scheduled by Service Reaction Wash 2 CH Cleaning Cuvettes Reaction Wash 6 Failter Failed Reaction Wash 3 Replacement Dilution Reactj9p wash Probe Reaction Wash Probe 2 CH Overdue Module Activity Module Stopped Probe 1 Replacement VVash Probe 2 Wash Probe 1 Probe 1 Probes Dilution Wash Probe 2 Reaction Wash Probe 1 Probe 4 CFI -03 CPI -08 Inprocess Reaction Wash Probe 1Replaement Reaction Washer Probe ryer1 Yes Yes+ No C-P1-03 Clean System Fluids Drawer eactvon Wash Probe 1 Probe 4 As Needed Reagent Loader Reagen: Reaction Wash Probe Dryer 1 Replacemne:nt Reaction Wash Probe 1 Replacement Reaction Wash Probe C-PIO Reagent Mixer 1 Completed C-P1-03 CFI -03 Dilution Mixer 1 Dilution Wash Probe 2 Replæcernent Dilution Washer Probe ryer1 Dilution Wash Probe 1 Replæcernent : Wash Probe 3 Replacement Diutim Wash Probe 2 Dilution Wash Probe 1 Wash Probe 3 obe 6 Repiacernent Wash X Not Performed Continue Close CPI -08 Not Perform. _ Not Perform.. Reagent Mixer 1 Ul_ReactionWasherPr0beOryer1 Ul_Reaction Washer Probe ryer1 Reaction Wash Probe 1 Rephacement Wash Probe 1 With Comments Back Cover Diutim Wash Probe 1 Replacement Dilution Wash Probe 1 Cover C-P1-03 Dilution Wash Probe 1 Wash Probe 1 Reaction Washer Probe Dr,'er Dilution Wash Probe Dryer 1 Replacement Ul_Reaction Washer Probe ryer1 Ul_DilutionVVasherPr0beOryer1 Dilution Wash Probo VVash Probe 2 Reaction Wash Probe 1 Replacemnent C)duticn Wash Prot* 2 Replacement DilutJ0n Wash Probe 2 Dilution Wash Probe 1 Back Cover CPI -08 Reagent Probe 2 Reagent Mixer 2 Reagent Loae Dilution Wxer 1 Dilution Wash Probe 1 Probe 1 As Needed Oxit Diagnostics Enter Diagnostics Diagnostics Exiter Diagnostics Exit Diagnostics Operator Diagnostics Diagnostics Oxit Diagnostics Set Wednesday, 19, 2017 1255:1 PM Thursday, 20, 2017 AM LabManaøer LabManager Thursday. April 20.2017 AM PEP Tuesday. March 28, 2017 8:32 AM Monday. May 08, 2017 12:41 PM Monday, May 08, 2017 12:41 PM Wednesday, 19, 2017 1255:1 PM Monday, May 08, 2017 12:46 PM Monday, May 08, 2017 : PM Monday, May 08, 2017 1:00 PM LabManaøer LabManager Monday. 08. 2017 1246 Monday, June 05.2017 2.0246 PM June 05, 2017 202:46 PM