Replacing Wash Probe 6 on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of replacing Wash Probe 6 on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

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SIEMENS p. 1-05 p.p1-05 (1 11 System C alitxation Callbatjon C ah&atjon C alitxatjon C alltxatjon Callbation Cahltyatjon Cahtxatjon Cahltxatjon Calltxation Calltxatjon Calitxatjon Calltxat•on Cahtyatjon P*ient Orders Pünt Orders Püient Orders PM ent Orders M aimtenarze Inventory C alityat•on Workhst Workhist Workltst Worklist Workhisl M airtenarx:e M aimtenarz:e M aimenarx:e M airtenarze M aimtenarx:e M aimenarze M aimenarre M auntenarce M aimenaree Maintenarze Status S omvare Updates Oxit Diagnostics Enter Diagnostics Diagnostics O Diagnostics O perator Diagnostics Operator Diagnostics About PE Pconnect PEPconnect PEP Pconnect Software Updates Soft-ware Updates Diagnostics Oxit Diagnostics Data Restore Copy Configuration Log O Diagnostics Diagnostic Name Report System VMM C-P1-03 C-P1-02 pl-15 pi-15 C-P1-03 c-p1-06 c-p1-03 c-P1-03 Module: CHP1:03 Frequency: All Time: All Performed By: All Module: C-PIO Frequency: Al Time: All Performed By All Filter Module: C-PI -03 Frequency All Time: All Performed By All Yx Module: C-PIO03 Frequency: Al Time, All Performed By All Module: C-P1-03 Frequency: All Time: All Performed By: All PI -01 CFI -03 C-P1-03 Reaction Wash Probe 2 Replacemnent Module Module Scheduled Sun-18 Taue-22 Thue-20 Wed-21 Fri-23 Module Achivity Mon-17 Tue-18 Wed-19 Thu-20 Fri-21 Tau-22 Sat-22 Mon-17 Sun-23 Module Activity Moheduled Subsystems Diagnostic Name Diagnostics Diagnostic Ont Diagnostics lagnostic Name Descripton Descrip n Name All Frequency All Frequency Dilution Wash Pr±be 3 Reaction Probe 3 Wash Probe 2 4:00 Mark as Completed Mark as Cornpkted Mark as Cornpleted C alitxation Confirmation Cahtyatjon C alitxatjon Cahitxatjon Standby Standby Lamp Replacemeni Source Lanv Replacement Reagent 1 Replacement Sample Probe Replacement Daluti Probe Replacement Probe Replacement Probe Replacement Pr Perform Performed All Time All Time Dilution Wash Pr±be 30 CH Weekty Maintenance CH Daikly Maintenance 040312017 400 OCH Not Perform.. Not Checking Larnp Coolant Dilution Probe Replacernent Dilution Probe Replacemnent Reaction Probe 1 Dilution Wash Probe 2 Probe Probe 1 Dilution Dilution Probe Checking Larnp Coolant Performed All Performed By All All Performed Capabilities Dilution Wash Probe 3 Checking Larnp Coolant 04,23'2017 6:00 Time Procedure Details IMT Reagent Prot* 1 Replacement Reagent 1 Replacernent Reagent Probe 1 Replacemnent Reagent 1 Replacement Reagent Pr Reagent Probe 1 Reagent Probe 2 Wash Probe Replactiong Wash Probe 2 Replacing Wash Probe 6 Search Text To search for an actMty er Reactiong Wash Probe 6 Reaction Probe 3 Replace Reaction Wash Probe 6: Reagent 1 : 11.8 12.0 •C Reagent 1 : 118 12.0 •C Reagent 1 : •C Draining and Filling Bath As Dilution Wash Probe Replacerent Dilution Wash Probe 2 Replæernent ing Source ing Source Lamp Reageiont Prot* 1 Replacement Reagent Probe 2 Replacem-ent Reagent Prot* 1 Replacem-ent Reagent Probe 1 Replacem-ent Reagent P Reagent Probe 2 Replacernrent Sample Probe Replacement Reagent Probe 1 Probes 2 Replacement Probe CFI -03 Cornpartrnent2 : 11.8112.0 •C Scheduled by Operator Wash Probe 1 Draining and Filling Reaction Bath CH Replacing Reaction Cuvette Segrnents Replacement? Mixer 1 Replacement Automatically Single Wash Probes . Scheduled Autornatically Scheduled Autornatic ally ReactQYi Waeh Probe Reaction WVash Probe 2 CH Replacing Ddlution Cu•vette Segments 0:00 Scheduled by Service \t2. After completing the procedure, select Continue. Reaction Wash 3 Replace Reaction Wash Probe 6: Replacing IMT Peristaltic Punp Tub•ng AS Reaction Reaction Wash Probe 2 Replacemnent Reaction Wash Probe 2 Reaction Probe 3 Failted Failter CFI -03 CFI .03 Wash CH Maintenance CH Overdue Module Activity Module Stopped Reaction Wash Probe 2 Reaction Probe 3 Reactiong W•Vash Probe 6 sh Probe 4 Replacement PI -01 Inprocess No CH Autocheck Oilubion Wash Probe 1 Reaction I'VYash Probe 1 Reagent Loader Reaction Wash Single Wash Probes . Completed Reaction Wash Probe 2 Reactiong Wash Probe 3 C-P1-03 CH Clean•ng Cuvettes Reaction Unlock Lids Unlock Continue Cancel Close IJn!ock Llds Not Performed_ Not Performmd X Not Performed Not Perform. _ Not Perform.d GGCKKGSCI-CH Reaction Washer Probe Dryer 1 Reaction Wash Probe 2 Replacerent Needed Reaction Wash 6 Clean Reagent Loader As Needed With Comments ReageiontWash Probe 2 Replacemnent Reaction Wash Probe 1 Replacemnent Reaction Wash Probe 1 Replacemne:nt Reaction Wash Probe 2 Replacemnent Dilution Wash Probe 2 Replacemnent Dilution Pr Dilution Wr Reaution Wash Probe 1 Replacemnent Probe 2 Replacement WVash Probe 1 VVash Probe 1 Wash Probe 1 Wash Probe 2 VVash Probe 2 Reaction Probe 3 Probe 1 Back Cover GGCKKGSCI-CH Reagent Mixer 1 C-P1-03 Reaction Washer Probe Dryer 1 Clean System Drawer Reaction Wash Probe 3 Reaction Wash Probe 1 Replacement Reaction Wash Probe 2 Wash Probe Reagent Probe 2 Wash Probe 2 Probe 2 Reagent Probe 1 Reagent Mixer 2 Reaoent Mixer 1 Dilution Wxer 1 As Needed Exiter Diagnostics Eniter Diagnostics Exit Diagnostics Oxit Diagnostics Exiter Diagnostics Diagnostics Exit Diagnostics Operator Diagnostics Set Add Wednesday, April 19, 2017 1255:31 PM Wednesday, April 19, 2017 125531 PM Wednesday, April 19, 2017 125501 PM Thursday, 20, 2017 PM LabManaøer LabManager PEP Tuesday. 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