Reviewing Calibration Status on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to review calibration status on the Atellica® Solution.  For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

To review the calibration status for all reagent packs currently on board, the system access the reagent overview screen by first selecting inventory at the command bar. The first tab is reagent overview. The calibration information listed for each rage and pack that is on board the system includes the calibration status, the calibration interval, the calibration type in use, and the calibration eligibility. Select any of the column headings to sort by that heading. The calibration status will display colored icons to indicate the current status of the calibration for that pack. Sorting by the calibration status column can be used to bring reagents that have an invalid calibration or have not been calibrated to the top of the screen. The calibration interval column provides the amount of time remaining before the current calibration expires for that reagent pack. This information can be used to determine when a calibration is close to expiring and therefore plan for when to re calibrate the pack. The calibration type in use column indicates whether the current calibration is a lot or pack calibration. The calibration eligibility column indicates what type of calibration can currently be performed on that reagent pack. To view additional information on reagent calibrations, access the calibration overview screen by selecting calibration at the command bar. The first tab is the calibration overview tab. The calibration Overview Screen provides information for reagent calibrations on the system. The filters area of the screen can be used to filter based on analyzer assay, calibration, expiration or order status. The expiration filters can be used to display expired calibrations or calibrations that will expire within a time range. There are options to select, to display calibrations that will expire from 4 hours up to 72 hours. The order status filters can be used to display calibrations that need intervention or have an error. The data can be sorted by selecting one of the column headings. Red and yellow highlights alert the operator to critical and impending warning, calibration or QC events. The Calibrater lot column displays the lot number of the calibrater material needed to run that calibration. The QC material column displays the lot numbers of the QC materials that are required to be run with that calibration. If there is nothing listed, the perform QC with calibration has not been selected for that calibration. There is an option on the calibration overview screen to extend a calibration. To extend the calibration, select the calibration and then select the extend calibration button. This will extend the calibration beyond the original expiration date. The calibration is extended for 180 days. However, extending calibrations may cause erroneous results and it is recommended to re calibrate as soon as possible after extending a calibration, any QC or patient results calculated using an extended calibration would be flagged as extended. Select the undo extend button to return an extended calibration interval to the original calibration interval. Expiration date. Select the result details button to open the calibration result screen for selected calibration. The calibration results screen provides detailed information about calibration results that can be useful in troubleshooting. This screen also provides options to accept or reject calibrations and to export calibration data. To return to the calibration Overview screen, select calibration overview. Select the calc you see inventory button to open the calc you see storage inventory screen for selected calibration. The Galaxy Storage Inventory Screen provides details about the individual calibrater and QC tubes in the calcu. See Storage area of all sample handler's or on the Atellica magline transport. To return to the calibration Overview screen, select calibration. The first tab is calibration overview. There is also an option on the calibration overview screen to print a calibrater. An QC materials report. To create this report, first select the desired calibrations, and then select the print materials report button. The report provides a list of the calibrater, an QC materials needed to run the selected calibrations. The information included for each material includes the material name lot, an level to sort the list, select the column heading. The storable column indicates if that material is defined to be stored. In calc, you see storage if the material is storable, check the Calcu see inventory screen to determine if the material is currently on board or if the material needs to be loaded. This can be done by selecting the Calcu see inventory button on the calibration overview screen. The Calibrater and QC material report can be printed by selecting the print button. Additionally, Calibrater and QC bar codes can also be printed from the calibration overview screen. To print barcodes, select the desired calibrations, and then select the print barcode button. A list of the Calibrater and QC materials needed for the selected calibrations displays. To sort the list selected column heading to print the bar codes, select the print button. This completes our overview of reviewing calibration status.

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