Sensis Vibe (VD12) Analytics Report Designer - Analyze Result and Review Video

This video consists of Step 3 and Step 4. In Step 3 additional filtering parameters can be added to the query. In Step 4 you can review, finalize and save the report. The information provided in this video is applicable for software version VD12 or higher.

Step three analyze result allows you to define further rules for analyzing the selected source data. For example, to calculate the total number of cases and group them by each lab in a given. This page contains the following elements. Analysis rules table. This table lists all analysis rules that are included in the report. It shows the name of the analysis roll, a brief description of the rule and an icon to delete the rule. Analysis Edit Panel The Analysis Edit panel allows you to define or modify rules for analyzing the selected source data. The panel contains the following controls. A textbox for the name of the analysis rule. Drop down menus for field an operations selection for the analysis along with an icon to remove a field from the rule. The add more link to add more fields for the analysis. The grouped by dropdown menu to select the field to use for grouping the analysis results. The Subgrouped by dropdown menu to select the field to use for further subgrouping of the analysis results the add an the cancel button. To define a rule for analyzing the selected source data, enter a name for the rule in the analysis name field in the analyzed result panel. Select the field and an operation. For the analysis, different operations are offered in the operation dropdown menu, average calculates the arithmetic average of all values in this column. Sum sums up the values in this column. Count counts the number of entries in this column. Unique count counts how many different entries occur in this column. For example, if you want to count the number of cases select cases in the field dropdown menu and unique count in the operator dropdown menu. Select a field in the grouped by dropdown menu to group the results of the analysis. At least one field must be selected to group and subgroup the results of an analysis. For example, if you want to see the number of cases per lab, group it by a CQ unit computer. To subgroup the result, select the field in the Subgrouped by dropdown menu. For example, if you want to see the number of cases per lab and performing physician subgroup it by performing physician. Click the Add button to save the analysis rule. The analysis rule appears in the analysis rules table. Click on the next button to navigate to the next step, Step 4 review. To go back from the preview of the report and modify it, click the previous button. To save the report to Census 5 database for viewing in the Census 5 Analytics Report Viewer, click the Save and Finish button.

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