Sensis Vibe (VD12) Analytics Report Viewer - Edit Report Template in the Report Builder Video

This video demonstrates how to edit a report template in the report builder of the Report Viewer. The information presented in this video is applicable for software version VD12 or higher.

To our data visualization or to change the hospital logo, move the mouse over the report which shall be edited. Click on the Arrowhead next to the report name and Edit in report builder from the dropdown menu. The selected report template is opened in the report builder application of SQL for editing. Modify the report template with the following. For example, add a hospital logo. Modify the margins of the report template to fit into desired page sizes. Modify the data visualization by using graphs, tables, etc. Modify the advanced visualization for analysis results. Click on the run button and view the report. The report is generated with all new modifications for preview. Save the report and exit report builder.

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