ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Body Marker and Arrow

This video will help the user understand body marker and arrow functions on the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system.

Welcome in this video, we will review the body, marker and arrow functions located on the touch screen at the end of this video you will be able to select the body Mark arancio placement of an arrow on the image. We begin by accessing the text feature by pressing the ABC key located on the control panel. The active preset determines text displayed on the touch screen. You see that the text touchscreen activates with the last used preset to open the body marker menu to open a list of available anatomic diagrams, simply tap the body marker tab. The touch screen displays available body markers. The Transducer widget and soft keys. For this demonstration we will be using the musculoskeletal preset with the 18 L 6 linear transducer. We begin by looking at the soft keys located on the bottom of the touchscreen. You control these through either a tap on the touch screen or using the push Rotary softkey controls. The clear screen function removes all measurements, body, markers, text and arrows on the image screen. The trackball push Rotary control associate's two body marker functions to the trackball located at home base. The first activates the body marker, allowing you to move and place the graphic on the image. The second setting the soft key to the transducer marker allows you to place the indicator in the desired location on the body marker. You can also rotate the transducer marker using the widget function. Simply place your finger on the blue circle to rotate the marker to move the marker, place your finger on the transducer marker. The transducer notch corresponds to the top of the icon marker. In this example, the transducer notch faces the right side of the patient. To remove the body marker, simply pressed the delete key located on the left of the control panel. If you wish to note anatomy on the image, you may place an arrow on the structure image. To begin, tap the Arrow tab at the top of the touch screen and Arrow appears on the image Monitor. To add an arrow, press the update key above the trackball. Tapping or pressing the previous arrow soft key allows you to move from Arrow to arrow. The active arrow displays is blue and inactive as white. Pressing the control panel delete key removes the active arrow. Pressing the clear screen push Rotary control removes all the arrows. If you wish to rotate or change the length, there are two methods. The first method is to place your finger on the touch screen and drag the tail of the arrow to the desired length or rotation. For the second method, use the trackball to change the length and reposition the active arrow. You will see a trackball status indicator on the lower section of the imaging monitor. This indicates the adjustments available for the arrow position, length, and rotation. Press a trackball key to change the function from position to tail. Simply roll the trackball to adjust the arrow to your desired appearance. In this video you have seen how to select, move, and delete a body marker and arrow. You also know how to change the arrow length and add multiple arrows to the image.

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