ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Control Panel with 3D/4D

This video will help the user understand the control panel features using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system with the 3D/4D feature. 

Welcome in this video, we will review the functions found on the control panel at the end of this video you will be able to access features located on the control panel. We begin by turning on the system using the control located on the left side, moving to the upper central portion of the control panel you see a row of soft keys. These push Rotary controls allow adjustment of mode specific imaging functions. For example, when using 2D mode you have the choices of features such as clarify. Or frequency on the far right. You see the time gain compensation or tigue slider controls. These allow you to adjust the brightness of the image at different depth level to compensate for tissue attenuation. The deeper the sound travels, the more absorption occurs, resulting in an image that appears darker in the far field. Move a control to the left to decrease the brightness and to the right to increase the brightness. The recommended placement is in the center. You can adjust the TG C levels on alive or frozen image. Let's look at the major mode controls located adjacent to the Softkeys. The Acuson Sequoia system defaults to 2D imaging when powering up when imaging in other modes such as Doppler or contrast, press the 2D control to return to grayscale Image Ng. Pressing the C control activates the color modes, which include color, Doppler velocity and color power Doppler. Press the WCW control to activate pulsed or continuous wave Doppler used to measure flow velocity. You may move the D line and sample gate using the trackball. To increase or decrease the tracing overall gain, rotate the outer portion of the control. M mode allows a graphic display of motion, such as tracing valve movement in the heart. The cursor or M line indicates the path used to obtain the M mode tracing anatomy that remains stationary. Displays as a straight line while curved or peak lines mirror the moving anatomy. Pressing the M control activates and deactivates an mode. The three D4D control activates the three and four dimension mode. When the three D40 mode is active, rotating the EM control moves the multiplanar reconstruction on the X axis. The WCW control rotates the Y axis, while the see control rotates the axis. Activating elastography imaging is through pressing the virtual touch control. This provides access to 2D strain 2D shear wave. And point shear wave elastography. Pressing the contrast control activates the contrast feature. Each of the major modes allow for adjustments of the gain setting. Simply rotate the control to the right to increase and to the left to decrease the gain. The Forward backward control allows you to navigate through the protocols pages as well as the configuration menus. The delete function has multiple functions depending on the active feature. For example, you may quickly select and unselect images for deletion and review. Remove the last completed measurement or entered text. Depth changes the depth of the field of view or FOV. Adjust the depth by toggling up to decrease depth and down to increase depth. The FOV is adjustable from zero to 40 centimeters depending on the selected transducer. The zoom control activates either zoom or high definition zoom. Pressing zoom once activates the ROI. Pressing a second time zooms the area within the ROI. Zoom magnifies the image on a live or frozen image. Rotate, zoom to increase or decrease magnification of the image. Roll the trackball to pan the image. Dual displays two separately acquired images side by side in dual. You can annotate, measure, add color and place body markers on each adjacent image. The freeze control freezes or unfreezes the image in the center front of the control panel. You will find the trackball, trackball keys, update caliper text, and body marker clip and image controls. The trackball keys assign the function of the trackball in multiple imaging modes. The icon located at the bottom of the monitor changes depending on the active mode. When imaging with two D mode, the trackball keys allows for adjustment of the sector size, position and to set the sector location. In color imaging, the trackball keys change the position and size of the color box with the pulsed and continuous wave Doppler. The trackball keys allow you to update the spectral tracing or change the position of the sample gate. Using M mode, the trackball keys update the tracing allow you to choose the position of the M line and change the size and length of the M line. Regardless of mode, the update control allows updating of simultaneous modes on the upper left side of home base. You will see the caliper control press. 2 access caliper functions. Labeled and unlabeled measurements available for your selected transducer and preset appear on the touch screen. Pressing the ABC control located in the lower left of the Homebase activates the text body marker and Arrow pages. The clip control, located in the upper right of Homebase, stores a video clip in Avi format. The image control located in the lower right of home base, allows capture of a still image, rotating the control panel is as simple as pressing the lever located on the inner portion of the left handle. There are rotation adjustments below the control panel as well as at the base of the system. Both points rotate 45 degrees in either direction for a total of 90 degrees to the right and left. This allows the transducer ports to be located on the front or on either side of the system. It also allows scanning from different positions, optimizing the experience for different users. You were able to adjust the control panel height 9 inches or 23 centimeters from the lowest to the highest position. Simply press the lever located on the inner portion of the right front handle. The integrated gel warmer has adjustable temperature settings. The gel warmer can be positioned on the back left or right side. There is an optional larger size gel warmer available. In this video you have learned to adjust overall gain and access the major modes using the TG. See delete calipers. Use home based functions. Change image depth, activate dual and zoom.

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