ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system M-mode

This video will help the user understand M-mode access using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system.

Welcome in this video, we will review the M mode touchscreen controls used to optimize your tracing. At the end of this video you will be able to summarize activation of M mode optimization tools. The EM mode or motion mode tracings provides a graphic display of structures in relation to time. This graphic display shows motion such as tracing of fetal heart rate. Here you see the 2D mode reference image and an M mode sweep of an adult heart. The cursor or M line indicates the path used to obtain the M mode tracing. Anatomy that remains stationary displays as a straight line while curved or peaked lines mirror the moving anatomy. To activate M mode, press M on the control panel. Increase or decrease the M mode overall gain through rotation of the push Rotary key. Home base on the control panel allows adjustment of the position of the M line. Move the M line using the trackball. Press a trackball key to change the M line size. the M line becomes dotted and you can adjust the cursor to the desired length. We begin with controls located on the bottom of the touchscreen. Adjustment of these parameters is through rotation of the push Rotary keys or tapping the touchscreen. The sweep speed adjust the scrolling speed of the M mode trace decreased to display more heart cycles and increased to display fewer cycles. The Dynamic range control increases or decreases the Shades of Grey displayed on the M mode sweep. In the middle of the touch screen you will find additional controls. Simply tap the selected feature to activate or deactivate. The edge function increases or decreases the clarity of structures imaged on the M mode. The Acuson Sequoia system uses either the fundamental or harmonic signal to create not only the 2D mode image, but also the M mode tracing. The harmonic feature reduces clutter in the near an midsections of the tracing. Deactivating harmonics clears the buffer, resets the sweep, and uses the fundamental frequency to create the M mode. The acuson Sequoia ultrasound system also allows you to choose the display mode. Choices are half 2D mode half trace. 1/3 Two D Mode 2 third trace. 2 third 2D Mode 1/3 trace. Side by side an full screen. To customize the display mode for your exams, enter the system configuration and navigate to the imaging settings page. You will see a section for selecting the M mode display format. The addition of a color overlay to the M mode tracing helps identify normal and abnormal flow within the heart. To start, optimize your 2D mode in color image, press the M control to activate color an mode. Anatomical End mode allows perpendicular orientation of the cursor independent of patient anatomy or transducer location available with echocardiography presets. This function can help increase clarity of the M mode tracing, increase accuracy of linear measurements and aid in wall motion evaluation. To begin using, AMM rotate the angle Rotary control to activate the AMM line point the orientation arrow deep into the tissue. Use the trackball to reposition the AMM cursor. Pressing the angle push Rotary control resets the M line. To view features located on the second page, simply tap the arrow or swipe the touchscreen. The second page contains the frequency control. This control adjusts 2D mode frequency and enhances the M mode. Tracing choices are transducer and exam dependent. Rotating the map soft key allows you to select the processing curve to apply to the M mode. Tracing this function provides the application of Gray levels to the echo amplitudes. You can add a color overlay to the M mode tracing by using the tint soft key. You now know how to activate and deactivate M mode features located on the touch screen.

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DAX IOL4 System Configuration Workflow Cardiac 0B [email protected] Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2019 System Settings Procedure Settings Exam Presets Imaging Settings Patient M Mode Physio Abdomen General Capture Settings Imaging Imaging Cursor Workflow Freeze Behavior Doppler Auto TEQ Imaging Mode ACUSON Image Parameter Display v Enable Cursor Mode Default Menu on Touch Screen Parameters Review Measurement & Report Mode Menu v Gain Annotations Doppler and M-Mode v Dynamic Range In Review Features v Scale/Baseline Report v Enable Automatic Color Invert CINE Connectivity & Network Mode Peripheral Devices Doppler Mode M Mode Off End Exam System Management Healthineers ' • Entering Freeze Doppler Auto TEQ Target Spectral Intensity M Mode Edge Low Display Format Format 21/2 2D, 1/2 Trace cw Medium Copyright @ Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2019 Harmonics Sweep Speed Angle Maps Tint Frequency DR Restore Defaults: Abdomen Healthineers H Mid Size 60 dB 100 mm/s 67 mmls