ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Soft Keys for Color Doppler

This video will help the user understand Color Doppler access and the soft keys used to optimize the image using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system.

Welcome in this video we will give you an overview of the Acuson Sequoia system color Doppler optimization functions. These controls, located on the touchscreen vary depending on the selected Doppler mode. Upon completion of this video, you will be able to select image optimization functions for color Doppler from the Softkeys. To activate color, Doppler velocity, or CDV, press the C push Rotary key, a color box region of interest, or ROI appears over your 2D image. You will see a trackball status indicator on the lower section of the imaging monitor. This indicates the adjustments available for the color Doppler ROI. Press the trackball keys to change between color ROI position and size functions. A dotted outline shows the ability to change the ROI size while a solid outline indicates the position option is active. The trackball allows you to reposition and resize the ROI. We begin with the color Doppler optimization tools found on the bottom of the touchscreen. There are multiple transducer dependent wall filters available during real time imaging, sometimes referred to as reject. The filter function reduces the amount of noise and clutter by suppressing the lower level signals that are the result of tissue and vessel wall motion. Frequency imaging allows the user to adjust not only two D mode imaging, but also color Doppler frequencies. For example, the Doppler frequency can be adjusted without changing the 2D mode frequency. Each mode has a range of frequency settings, resulting in the highest resolution penetration and sensitivity. The line density control adjust the balance between the image line density or resolution and the frame rate or speed. There are up to three settings, one for low resolution with a high frame rate, a second for a balance of resolution and frame rate, and a third for a high resolution anhelo frame rate. Increasing or decreasing the scale. Adjust the pulse repetition frequency or PR F this function is available in both the pulse wave and color Doppler velocity modes. This control steers the color Doppler region of interest when using a linear transducer. To view features located on the second page, simply tap the arrow or swipe the touchscreen. Changing the smooth function adjusts the spatial averaging for flow. What this means is that the color display is average. To remove extra signals that appear as clutter. Baseline adjust the range of flow velocities displayed above and below the baseline. Setting the persistence tells the acuson Sequoia ultrasound system how many images you want to average in the final data. If the persistence is set at one, the image updates with every sweep of the transducer moving. The persistence to two results in an averaging of two images, the one that exists and one new one. Thus the setting of two as you increase the persistence, the number of images averaged also increases, increasing the persistence level improves axial and lateral resolution. Artifacts decrease due to the averaging of the images. Persistence changes help in the following situations. Increasing color persistence helps display very slow venous flow. Decreasing color persistence when imaging a heart helps increase the frame rate. Turning the Rotary Maps control allows you to select a processing curve that assigns the velocity or variance range with color Doppler when using power Doppler. The color map applies to the color range using flow amplitude. The priority control allows you to adjust the threshold for overlaying color information on the 2D image. The low settings display more of the two D information and the high settings display more of the color information. This function is available on the real time an frozen image. In this video you have learned how to adjust the push Rotary touchscreen controls for color Doppler.

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