ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Soft Keys for Pulsed and Continuous Wave Doppler

This video will help the user understand pulsed and continuous wave Doppler soft keys used to optimize the spectral tracing using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system.

Welcome in this video we will give you an overview of the Acuson Sequoia system pulse tan, continuous wave Doppler and Doppler tissue imaging optimization functions. The options on the push Rotary keys vary depending on the selected Doppler mode. Upon completion of this video, you will be able to select optimization functions for the spectral Doppler tracing using the softkeys. To activate Pulse wave Doppler, press the PW CW push Rotary key on the control panel. You will see the D line with the sample gate activated. The trackball status icon is located on the lower section of the Imaging Monitor. This indicates the adjustments available for the spectral Doppler D line position. Pressing the trackball keys located on each side of the trackball changes the active function between position and steer. Available functions depend on the active transducer, an preset. The trackball also allows you to reposition the sample gate. We begin with the spectral Doppler optimization tools found on the bottom of the touchscreen. The gate size control allows you to adjust the amount of flows sampled to create the spectral tracing. Sweep speed adjusts the scrolling speed of the Doppler spectrum decreased to display more heart cycles and increased to display fewer cycles. The baseline key moves the Doppler baseline up or down. You can adjust the baseline to compensate for aliasing. Increasing or decreasing the scale adjusts the pulse repetition frequency or per F. This function is available in both the pulse wave and spectral Doppler velocity modes. The angle correct Rotary soft key allows you to adjust the flow angle during spectral Doppler imaging to change the angle in 60 degree increments, choose 60 zero or 62. Adjust the angle in one degree increments. Use the softkey to choose the desired degrees. Tip, adjust the angle correct after obtaining your spectral tracing and two D reference image and freeze the image. This control steers the spectral Doppler D line. Steering angles vary with the linear transducer. To view the features located on the second page, simply tap the Arrow located on the lower right, or swipe the touchscreen from right to left. Frequency adjust spectral Doppler frequency independent of the B mode or color frequency. This helps to maintain spectral Doppler flow sensitivity and flow located in the near, mid or far field. You have three fundamental frequency ranges, low, medium and high. Sometimes referred to as reject. The filter function reduces the amount of noise and clutter by suppressing the lower level signals that are the result of tissue and vessel wall motion. You can adjust the range of Grays that display on the spectral tracing and thus change the overall contrast resolution by using the dynamic range feature. This control allows you to change the highest to lowest grayscale values using a lower dynamic range results in a high contrast tracing, while the opposite is true of a high dynamic range image. Rotating the map softkey allows you to select the processing curve to apply to the spectral tracing. This function provides the application of Gray levels to the echo amplitudes. You can add a color overlay to the spectral tracing by using the tint soft key. In this video you have learned how to adjust the push Rotary touchscreen controls for multiple types of spectral Doppler.

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