ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Touch Screen for Pulsed and Continuous Wave Doppler

This video will help the user understand pulsed and continuous wave Doppler soft keys used to optimize the spectral tracing using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system

Welcome in this video, we will review the spectral Doppler touchscreen controls used to optimize your image. The controls displayed on the touchscreen depend on the transducer and preset selected. At the end of this video you will be able to select optimization features for the spectral Doppler tracing located on the touch screen. To activate Pulse wave Doppler, press the PW CW push Rotary key on the control panel. the D line with the sample gate activates. You will see the trackball status indicator, which is located on the lower section of the imaging monitor. This indicates the adjustments available for the spectral Doppler D line position. Press the trackball keys to change the function between position and steer. Selections depend on the selected transducer in preset. In our example, we are using a linear transducer. When the steer is active, a dotted line appears and you are able to change the D line. The trackball also allows you to reposition the sample gate. We will now discuss the spectral Doppler optimization tools found on the central section of the touchscreen. Ultra Art Universal image processing adjusts the 2D mode. An color flow image and the pulse wave Doppler tracing for the spectral tracing. Ultra Art Universal image processing. Adjust's parameters such as edge contrast and dynamic range. To change the setting, select the Ultra Art universal image processing icon on the touch screen. Off represents the spectral tracing without processing. Low provides low level of processing to the spectral tracing. Med provides mid range processing. While high has the highest level of processing. These adjustments are available on the real time or frozen spectral tracing. You can choose the display format to show the 2D reference image shared equally with the spectral tracing or as a full screen tracing when using a shared 2D reference image. An spectral tracing. There are choices for equal sharing, a third for the 2D reference image with 2/3 for the spectral tracing, 2/3 for the 2D reference image with the third for the spectral tracing and a side by side display. Invert reverses the spectral display. This control allows you to display flow regardless of direction above or below the baseline. This control activates Tri Plex mode. When simultaneously displaying the 2D mode color and spectral Doppler, you will see a reduction in frame rate. The audio setting adjusts the spectral Doppler volume. The auto trace function automatically traces the spectral Doppler waveform and records multiple measurements to activate auto Trace. Select the auto trace on the touch screen selecting the auto Trac control expands a menu that allows you to choose automatic measurement of the spectral tracing above and below the baseline, or both. Autotrace measurements depend on the selected tool, an selections in the configuration menus, the peak systolic and diastolic and resistive index display when activating autotrace, regardless of preset and transducer. Autotrace is available on live and frozen images. Measurements populate to the report once entered into the measurement package. To activate auto EQ for Doppler, select auto EQ on the touchscreen. The Acuson Sequoia automatically optimizes the live spectral tracing parameters such as dynamic range scale, baseline angain. Imaging deep vascular structures with pulse wave Doppler increases the send and listen time due to the increase in depth. This decreases our pulse repetition frequency or purf resulting in an increase in flow aliasing. High pulse repetition frequency or HP RF increases the RF and thus the ability to display the spectral Doppler tracing without aliasing. To avoid entering HPRF, decrease the frequency setting or change to a lower frequency transducer. Activating a cardiac reset allows access to the acuson Sequoia Doppler tissue imaging capabilities, or DTI. These images show the use of DTI capabilities in tracking the speed and direction of the myocardial contractions in a fetal and an adult heart. This feature function similar to Doppler used for tracking blood flow. However, through processing methods we track the muscle contractions. This allows quantification of the systolic and diastolic function. Of the myocardium, instead of blood flow. Access to DTI capabilities are through selection of the DTI control on the touch screen. To view features located on the second page, simply tap the Arrow located on the lower right, or swipe the touch screen from right to left to increase the sharpness of the spectral tracing. Increase the edge value for a softer spectral trace, decrease the edge value. Press the 2D or PW CW control to exit. In this video you have learned how to access spectral Doppler optimization tools on the touch screen.

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SIEMENS DAX IOL4 DAX Healthineers HealthineerS SIEMENS Workflow HealthineerS SIEMENS Cardiac Thyroid Healthineers IOL4 IOL4 Patient Sequoia Thyroid Patient Physio PW Cardiac TIC:O.65 Abdomen TIB:O.24 TIB:O.24 Sequoia IOL4 PS=65.8 PS=65.8 01 Imaging Ml:1.15 ED=27.O C ED=27.O TIC:I .41 TIS:O.79 50fps TIB:1.98 TIS:O.798 TIC:O.65 TIC:2.93 Imaging 46 TIS:O.79 TIB:O.24 42 95% Ml:O.43 Ml:O.37 ACUSON 10 TIB:1.98 25fps Review 16fps 10 Below Baseline Ml:O.38 H High 95% High H High 23fps OdB/DR65 Rl=O.47 Ml:O.37 Review 20 OdB/DR65 95% H Mid Mid UA2 UA2 Report OdB/DR65 MapC/T5 H Mid SIEMENS OdB/ DR60 OdB/DR65 Auto Trace Auto TEQ Report Auto Trace Auto TEQ Mid Mid Above Baseline 1 dB/High 42 cm Is End Exam PRF 2976 PRF 3968 20 PRF 2976 End Exam Healthineers ' PW 10 —10 Low Off Mid High Low Invert GS 2.0 GS 1.5 PRF 3676 PRF 4444 F 250 F211 F 156 1 Ocm 12cm 78mm 340 20mm 22mm cm's --10 -300 10 -10 Edge — -50 - -50 Live/Live LivelLive High H High Mid cm/s cm Is 12cm 22mm 1 Ocm cm/s 20mm 78mm -50 4cm PW Auto TEQ Auto Trace HPRF U pdate pdate Update Gate Size Sweep Speed Scale Angle Correct Frequency Steer Baseline Healthineers Position position 1.5 mm 3 mm 78mm 67 mmls Low 340 Steer -3000 3077 -3007 -300 3000 3007 -300 -3000 -30.00 60 0 60 -30 0 30 -30 0 30 60 0 60 -10 0 10 , Sequoia Sequoia