ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Text Configuration

This video will help the user understand text customization using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system.

Welcome in this video. We will review text customization options in the configuration menu at the end of this video you will be able to customize text displayed on the touch screen. We begin by accessing the configuration menus by tapping the icon located in the upper left of the touch screen. There are two methods to navigate through the menus. The first allows you to use the trackball and pointer to choose the annotations page and open the body markers and text selections. The second method to move up and down the configuration menus is to use the forward backward Rotary key on the control panel. The Acuson Sequoia system allows you to customize the text for each exam package. Not only can you select terms, you can also choose text behavior. These include deletion of text on unfreeze, an autocomplete of entered terms. We will use the general exam package for this demonstration. Let's begin by looking at the touch screen. The location of the text on the touch screen corresponds to columns in the configuration menu. In our example, the text a section contains rights left and midline, the text be column contains the transducer plane while taxi shows anatomy. Text D indicates the location on the anatomy. The additional text column allows you to add personal labels to the touchscreen. To add a term to a list, simply placed the term in the top line and click add. The term appears at the bottom of the list. You were able to move the terms within the list. Select the term, in our case midline. Click the up arrow to move the term higher on the touch screen. Click on the opposite arrow to move the term further down the list. Removing a term is as simple as a click on the term. And then using the delete button. To restore the factory settings, select restore defaults located on the bottom right of most pages. The action requires confirmation before defaults are restored. Restoring default factory settings. Delete your changes. You now know how to customize displayed text.

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Exam Package DAX IOL4 System Configuration Textem Configuration Body Markers Workflow Text Arrow Abdomen Abdomen System Settings Imaging Settings Procedure Settings Exam Package Text Sets Imaging Settings Patient Exam Package Text A Text Auto Complete Auto-Complete C] Auto Complete Measurement & Report General Delete Text on Unfreeze C] Delete Text on Unfreeze Annotations Imaging Body Markers ACUSON Biopsy L/R Flip Flip Timer Text Off Review Features RIGHT SAG PANCREAS PROX LATERAL Text A Text D Text C Text C Additional Text Connectivity & Network Add Add Add Add Peripheral Devices Peri heral Devices Report RIGHT SAG PANCREAS PROX RUQ LEFT IVC MID System Management LEFT MIDLINE LIVER MID LLQ RUQ RLQ Flip System Configuration MIDLINE LEFT DIST LUQ End Exam CBD SUP LLD LLQ RLQ LUQ RUQ MIDLINE DIST HEPATIC V INF PORTAL VEIN MEDIAL Image t Imaging SUP AORTA LATERAL IVC LLD Live Dual KIDNEY HEPATIC V INF SPLEEN Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Harmonics Compounding Auto TEQ PORTAL VEIN MEDIAL Clear All Lists Clarify Line Density Frequency DR lnFocus Restore Defaults: General Line Annotations 66 dB Low On Sequoia