ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system Color Doppler Touch Screen

This video will help the user understand color and power Doppler touch screen features used to optimize the image using the ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system.

Welcome in this video, we will review the color Doppler touchscreen controls used to optimize your image. At the end of this video you will be able to describe the activation of color Doppler optimization tools on the touch screen. To activate CDV, press the C control, a color box region of interest, or ROI appears over your 2D image. You will see a trackball status indicator on the lower section of the imaging monitor. This indicates the adjustments available for the color Doppler ROI. Press the trackball keys to change between color ROI position and size functions. A dotted outline shows the ability to change the ROI size while a solid outline indicates the position option is active. The trackball allows you to reposition an resize the ROI. We begin with the color Doppler optimization tools found on the bottom of the touchscreen. You can choose the display format to show the 2D image plus color. The 2D image only or with color only. Invert reverses the color display. You can have flow towards or away from the transducer coded as red or blue. This also changes the color bar located on the left side of the image. The touch screen displays flow state controls allowing for optimization of flow states for a specific anatomy. The abdominal preset has options for imaging the kidney or aorta. The Venus preset activates an arterial specific control. The cardiac preset has a coronary setting. Choices for all flow states are low, general and high. The left to right flip control changes the side to side orientation of the image. The up down flip control changes the top to bottom orientation of the image. Live dual displays the same image side-by-side, one with and without color. Tapping power activates power Doppler. Power Doppler applies user selectable colors to vascular and cardiac structures based on flow amplitude. Power Doppler has less angle dependence than color Doppler. This mode is useful for finding low volume and velocity flow states such as seen in this image of the right side of a thyroid. Remember, power Doppler uses amplitude rather than velocity or frequency information. To exit power Doppler, simply tap the color control. To exit color Doppler, press the 2D or C on the control panel. In this video you have learned how to access color Doppler optimization tools on the touch screen.

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