Introduction to MAGNETOM Sola (Numaris X)

This e-clip introduces the 1.5T scanner MAGNETOM Sola.

Magnetom Sola is a complete knew 1.5 Tesla system and it's the first 1.5 Tesla system with Biomatrix technology. Magnetom Sola turns challenges into opportunities delivering a whole new level of consistency. Unwarranted variations can be overcome with biometrics by automatically adjusting to patient variability, biometrics sensors, tuners and interfaces allow you to anticipate motion to adapt based on the patient's body shape. An to accelerate patient positioning. This results in higher diagnostic confidence, fewer rescans, predictable patient scheduling, an consistent high quality, personalized exams. Magnetom Sola embraces consistency with biomatrix technology. If you would like to learn more about the technology of Biomatrix, please have a look at the technical animations videos in the related training area on PE Connect. Magnetom Sola embraces efficiency with go technologies and simultaneous multislice TSC than you user friendly work environment makes push button examinations a clinical reality. Go technologies help you accelerate the entire workflow from patient positioning to result distribution, artificial intelligence based technologies, support in automating routine tasks for robust and consistent workflows even in a high volume. Environment knew speed technologies such as simultaneous multislice. TSE can significantly reduce scan times for routine examinations. Magnetom Sola also embraces new clinical capabilities with inline compressed sensing. Free breathing compressed sensing applications help to improve the patient experience while expanding the patient population. Eligible for MRI previously challenging imaging techniques such as whole body MRI, provide key information for earlier treatment decisions with magnetom sola. These exams become push button. To learn more about whole body MRI, please have a look at the whole body engine online training available on PE Connect for other topics with regards to magnetom Sola an to get started with the system, please have a look at the online trainings about Mervue and go as well as several other eclipse.

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