syngo® Image Fusion

This virtual e.class is designed for new users of the hybrid systems who want to know how to use the 3D task card to view images and perform image fusion.  This course will assist the user in understanding how the 3D task card can be used to improve workflow and diagnosis. The course content will demonstrate how to fuse functional datasets to anatomical datasets, how to manipulate the blending and windowing of image, image registration, how to create parallel and radial ranges, and how to save and loading a series into the viewing and filming task cards.
**This is a WEBEX VILT. Upon receipt of confirmation email, select the WEBEX Link in the email to test your system prior to start of session, and for additional information about the session**.
***Manager approval is required***
***This is not a free of charge course. Validation of funds will be determined by Siemens Representative via customer sale order or contract***

Learn @ Siemens ID: 00223110

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