syngo Application Software VD11: 3D Roadmap Exam Room Video

This video demonstrates how to perform 3D roadmap in the exam room. Note: This video does not have audio.

red and evew and and aind Processing Processing Win,dowing Viewing Windowing Viedowing Overlay Workflow The Hint: image is gone Review Review and Processing Only after precise alignment, the "Overlay" will be valid again Overlay Manipulate... Viedowing existing Overlay Objects on Live Review loaded or Overlay planning planning Adjust C-Arm Create Objects... Create Objects.. Overlay objects for guidance. acquired volumes. objects for guidance acquired volumes New acquisitions will New acquisitions Overlay Live Image on... be registered and replace existing red and and 4D Advanced Tools Series fused With existing volumes. With existing With Adjust C-Arm Image follows C-arm Image follows Aneurysm Analysis volumes. Auseto Registration Auto Registration Manual Registration syngo 3D Roadmap Image follows C-arm Image follows Manipulate... Pan Image Save Image Aortic Valve Guidance Manual Registration in Exam Room Automatic registration Auto Registration Overlay Create Objects... Create Object Cong. Heart Disease Guidance running Reset Registration Manual Registration Auseto Registration Apply Clip Pla Apply Clip Plane Apply Clip EP Planning Change View Rotate Image Scroll Image Pan Image Save Image pan Image Review Blend pan Save Image Embolization Guidance Move the joystick Windowi ng Windov.•ing Wind c Rotate pan ng The current patient position of a 2D image QuickZoom , Menu QuickZoom Menu Rotate OK Cancel Menu Go to "Manual Registration" under Register the 3D volume to current 2D Select "Overlay Live Image on 3D" in The VRT view is blowed up And the 3D volume is updated to The 3D volume is dynamically Go to "Overlay" step under RAC) 80/0 RAO 80 0 RAO RAC) 80/ O RAO 102/0 LAO 176/0 RAO 147 O RAC) 113/0 slightly differs from the registered position The 2D image is overlaid to the 3D volume Move the joystick to pan the image Move the joystick to rotate the image Go to "Auto Registration" Perform fluoroscopy briefly Perform fluoroscopy again Drive the C-arm to another position Overlay image VRT menu workflow menu automatically current C-arm position updated with the C-arm rotation of the 3D volume

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