syngo Application Software VD11 Clip Plane Control Room Video

This video demonstrates how to use the clip plane in the 4D viewer. Note: This video does not have audio.

Patient Applications Opplications Orientation Measure Volumes volumes volumes. Volumes, Applications Options H Help He DynaCT Body Nat Fill Review and Review or Processing ama Processing Viewing Viedowing Siemens, PURE Overlay ama Processing ana Processing ana Proc•sming Viewing Pgvig« or acquired Pgvig« loaded or acquired Pgvig« Loaded or acquired He he replace replace ensting replace enisting replace enist'ng replace enst'ng replace enstlng Hse Volumes Review or No bookmarks available Review or Review loaded or acquired volumes New acquisitions will Volumes replace existing volumes volumes, volumes. Review Dyna4D Overlay... 10 cm Overlay Apply Clip Plane -W Move Clip Plane Rotate Image Volume Opacity Volume Opacity 100 Rotate Image Save Image Ray Windowing 2ø15 1216 lip (head-vex] Select "Apply Clip Plane" from VRT menu lip Plane Orientation Drag the clip plane graphics Change the clip plane lab (mm) Rotatge the clip plane Rotate Image Shift the clill' plane replace lip iarveriorr lip Plane Orientation inside the plane to shift inside the plane to shift it orientation to "H(head-feet)" shift the clip plane orientation "F(feet-head)" P (posteri(:

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