syngo Application Software VD11: VRT Operations Control Room Video

This video demonstrates VRT operations in the 4D viewer in the control room. Note: This video does not have audio.

ShCNJ M ode Or ?atient Applications Show View ?atient Applications Show Mode View ?atient Applications Show ?atient Applications Show Videw ?atient Applications Shoe. Viewing Orientation Tools Measure Volumes Measure Volumes Options ons Manipulate H_. H _ H_ DynaCT Body Nat Fill H... Siemens. PURE Siemens, PURE Rotate u cm Zoom/Pan 1øø3 Auto Pan View-I ng Viewing or VRT QuickZoomJ Volume Opacitv I oiume Opac Ity T View Orientaticn loaded acquired loaded or acquired volumes, loaded or acquired or acquired volumes, or acquired acquired volumes, acquired Revew loatecl or acquired Review loatecl or acquired volumey Review or acquired loatecl or acquired loatecl or acquirecl Review loatecl or acquired Reniew loatecl or acquired Renew loatecl or acquired acquasticns replace enst•ng acqwisiticns replace acquisticns hill acqu•sticns will replace enst•ng acqu•siticms will replace acquisitions replace eyisting acquisitions replace existing acquisitions replace ng Volumes volumes Rotate Manipulate NO bookmarks available No bookmarks available No bookmÜrks availüble Rotate Auto Pan ZoonPan T View Viewing Auto Pan Roll the middle mouse wheel to Press the middle mouse key and Press th niddle mouse middle mouse key and iddle mouse wheel to iddle mouse reset the Thin Reset Zoom/Pan Select "Reset All Orientations" Options Overlay vertav move up/down, left/right - QüickZoom ontrol R Series SL 20 2.0 2015 SL 20 20 M PR MPR MFR M PR ALT : c, t c, ' c, Thick Home Preset Volume Opacity Volume Opacity I.00 VRT Pperati ns H _ H_. W. H _. Home Zoom/Pan •ools= X-Ray Homa Zoom1Pan Orientation Home preset Show more Volume Rotator. Volume Rotation. Viewing Volume Aotatjon„ Over lay Overlay Record Movie. Record Movie m Reset ell Orientations Pl.,' Movie Play Movie. Volume Opacity Volume Opacity I , 00 Volume Opacity 100 100 1.00 1 co 10 cm Volume Opacity I Volume Opacitv Volume Opacitv I Volume Opacitv Vo•ume Opacitv I Volumne Opacitv Vo•ume Opacitv Vo'ume Opacitv C 01 Reset all Orientaöons Reset al' Orientatons Reset all Orientations ip Plane Plane Tools- Tools X.Ray Tools &Ray Ray agæ ag 10 cm Home Zoom,pan ip Plane IUme Opacit Vo•ume Opacitv Volume Opacity 10 Cm 1.00 Volume Rotation, , 10 cm Plane lip Plane ip Plane p Plane more 2015 2015 2011 1952 1063 1216 1614 1248 1957 VRT VRT 1216 1216 SL 20 20 2618 2071 1431 1170 1063 12126 1120 M PR MFR VRT

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