syngo MR XA11 - Getting started (Numaris X)

This eclip provides a quick overview of the MAGNETOM Sola MR XA11, scan set up, acquisition and registration.

Magnetom Sola provides the new user environment syngo Em are numerous 1011 A. This eclipse gives a quick overview about the scan setup, the acquisition, and the registration. When you start the system, the home screen is the default display. The home screen display icons allow you to navigate to 4 main options within the user interface system, check cockpit examination and lock in addition to the main options system shutdown, restart and standby options are available in order to directly start scanning a patient, select the examination icon to open the scheduler. The scheduler is the entry point to the examination workflow. The scheduler provides the ability to visualize planned or grouped procedures, retrieve data of prior exams, add, delete or correct planned procedures. An patient data manage the modality performed, procedure step, or MPs an start and examination. In addition, the scheduler is the starting point for all patient workflow management tasks. The scheduler provides the following information. The list of scheduled patients, the planned procedures for pre registered patients, and patient registration together with protocol selection. Before examination, the patient must be registered in the patient scheduler. Depending on your hospital registration, you can choose between 3 registration times. With emergency registration, a patient is registered with provisional data. With local registration, all required patient data needs to be entered before the examination can begin. With database registration, the patient data is retrieved from the scheduler risk or another hospital database. In order to perform local registration, select the patient icon in the toolbar of the scheduler. A new item in the patient's list is created and an empty registration tab opens. Safety entries such as height or weight are mandatory fields and marked with an orange bar. Located in the program Selection tab of the scheduler, you can enter, check and correct scanning related data. The program Selection Tab provides access to all programs stored on the system, similar to the Cockpit Explorer including Siemens and user trees. Select the appropriate measurement program or engine for the examination. Then edit specific examination settings such as body part and laterality. And patient orientation if they are not already selected on the patient registration tab. Once this is completed, the registration can be finished and saved for later use by clicking the Save icon or save the data and start the examination by clicking the exam icon. The exam icon loads the patient to the exam workflow by opening a patient tab and displaying the patient data. The protocol selected in the program selection is automatically loaded in the measurement Q. The exam icon also opens a corresponding tab with the EMAR view and Go applications with a single monitor setup, the tab opens directly next to the scan tab. With a dual monitor setting, the tab opens on the right monitor.

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SIEMENS . medadmin• ? medadmin. ? medadmin medadmin library Study Comrnent Age I Patient Orientation Patient Registration Program Selection Hans Doe, Sarah Doe, Sahrah Doe, Kath Doe, Sarah Doe, Kathar • Age 148 Year(s) fi Seatch b'/ 10 DOC Procedure Dute Acc no and (C Sex 48 Year(s) Save Male Doe, Sahrah Doe, Kathe All Programs Examination Information • Mandatory information Medical Information Medical Information 2su1t(s), 14527 PM) • 1/1/1970 M 100 MR MR Mew&GO MR Vew&GO Last Name library Sarah library Dot Scheduler Regor 16 ee Ge Accession Nr * Height * Weight Height *Sex Male Mew&GO Pabent First Narne Patient Registration Patient Orientation ou er sex M (Male) fi • Last Name angiography ce Doe Patients Scheduled & Today * He»ght 2 in (3 result(s), 1 •4527 PM) (3 result(s), 14527 PM) Reg stet Delecte 115432 lbs AAShoulder Scout der Scout 00:19 SIEMENS SIEMENS . Patént Patéent Pabent Patéents Accession Nr, Accession Nr Procedure Patént Program Selection am Selection Search by Name, ID. DOE, Description, Procedure Date, Acc Search by Name, ID. DOE, Description, Procedure Date, Acc and Modality (C. Search by ulame, ID. DOE, Description, Procedure Date, Acc Search by 'lame, ID. DOE, Description, Procedure Date, Acc and Modality (C. Search by 'lame, ID. DOE, Description, Procedure Date, Acc Search by uame, ID. DOE, Description, Procedure Date, Acc First Mirst and Modality (C _ and Modality (C._ Hans Institution angiography ce Allerties eight In (Pit pd tra 448 03-25 03:25 Study Description Shoul&r Dot Engine Examination Lock O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2018 Medical Information Examination Information • weight 115432 lbs Req. Proc. ID Req. Proc_ ID LOS LES Middle Name -patiert Examination Ir pelvis female pelvts female Program Selection Doe, Kathe Doe, Katharina Doe, Hans Doe, Kath Doe, Katharin Medical Information Medical Informa • Maindatoty information Medical Alerts Medical Information • Mandatoty information • Mandator;y information • aminatiot Information • Mandatory information • Mandato-y information information Scheduled Today P Scheduled Today (g result(s), 961144 AM) (g result(s), PM) (2 result(s), PM) (g result(s), AM) (0 result(s), rmatio Patients Datient Procedwe Date and Tme Date and System start-up Program pd_tse pd tse fs tra 384 tse cor 384 03:34 Examination Information Study Cornrnent 31512018, 1583 3/1512018, 1583 fi ft Medical Information Examination Information Study Descnpt•on Shoulder Dot Study Descnpt•on shm&r Shoulder Dot SIEMENS . Dou Last Name Delecte Dathe Dalete Save Dolete Date Dote Delete Kate Kathe • Patient ID 100 Middle Name pd_ _ pd_ pd_tse_ tse cor 384 0259 Institution Name • Last Name First Narne Last Name Doe Admitting Diagnosis Selection Registration and Home Screen Doe, Julia Doe, Kathar O • Doe, Julia • Abdornen Dot Engine • Doe, Julia Doe, Gregory Admitting Diagnosis Program Selection Study Comrnent Study Comnrnent RegOr RegSEt Date of Birth 11/1/1970 Wd/yyyy Date of Birth 11/1/1970 W/d/yyyy t2 tse cor 384 03156 FastMew Accession NC, Accession NC Accession Nr •ccession [email protected] Dot Engine hip Dot Engine Dot Engine breast tm] Kathe Kathanin4 Katharina First Supine First Narne First Namne Hans '1/1/1952, M '1/1/1980, F '1/1/1950, M *1/1/1970, M • Patient ID Abdornen Dot Engine Liver Eval CB *1/1/1952, M PaE-nt Pawn Pabent Patent Paeent am Selection Program Selection Admitting Diagnosis hip dep Dot Engine First Name Middle Name First Namne First Supine ' 1/1/1982, F t2 tse sag_448 04:27 123 3/16/20181 3/182018. 10:05 3/16/2018 3/182018. 10 c5 Req. Proc ID eaf1d644-9720-42 Req. Proc ID shoulder » Shoul&er Dot Engine » general 2D eaf1d644-9720-42 • Age 148 Year(s) clinical libraries Accession NC Admitting Diagnosis In Title • Last Name shoulder 3/15/2018, 15 53 3/15/2018, 15853 » shoulder » ShodderDot EngirE » genera12D » shoulder » Shoulder Dot EngirE » genera12D » shoulder » Shodlder Dot EngirE » genera12D * Date of Birth Doe, Hans Doe, Sarah 100 Study Description Brain Dot Study Description fs sag_384 head Brain Dot hip Dot Engine hea Bin Dot Engine Dot Allergies Allerties mergency Patient library SIENE-NS head » clinical libraries » general Sex IMale Admitting Diagnosis Abdornen Dot Engine TB • Doe, Hans Doe, Hans '10/1/1952, M *10/1/1989, F '1/1/1952, M *10/1/1991, F '10/1/1989, M | 10/1/1989 '1/1/1950, M Req_ Proc_ ID hip dep Dot Engine • Shoulder Dot Eng•ne Shoulder Dot Engine Study Comrnent • Last Narne • 1/1/1980, F Loa] Program to Queue Load Program to Queue ' 1/1/1980, F *1/1/1952, M '1/1/1980, F library Dot Allerties Allergies head » Brain Dot Engine » prograrn Middle Name First Narne Medical Alerts Dot Engine 100 Medical Information 3/15/2018, 1583 3/16/2018, 1002 1583 Examination Information • aminatiot Information Medical Information • Mandatoty information ...» stoukier » Sh(RJlderDotEngine » genera12D Height 2 In * Height Height 2 in Doe, Christopher geæral 2D Study Descnptlon hip Dot Ergne Study Descnptlon hip Dot Ergne Allerties • Patient ID 47801 100 3/15/2018, 3/15/20181 First 15 14 Refuerring Physician Performing Physocian • Weight 115432 lbs geæeral 2D V Loa] Program to Queue Doe, Hans Doe, Kathe RF Transmi Mode angiography ce 46789 3/16/2018, 1002 3/16/2018, 10 02 3/15/2018, 1583 31512018, 1583 | 10/1/1989 | 10/1/1991 | 1/1/1970 general 3D Any Polarization * Date of Birth Date of Birth library Study Comrnent uncooperative Medical Alerts RF Transmit Mode pelvis female * Age I general 3D Aroo Dot Engine * Age 28 26 48 Requesting Physaaan Requesting Physiaan Middle Name First Name '1/1/1980, F *1/1/1970, M '1/1/1970, M Admitting Diagnosas Admitting Diagnosis Shoulder Shape 16 library Medical Information Mvledical Alerts tvledtcal Alerts Any Polarization Middle Name * Height ft * sex I F (Female) I F (Female) * Sex * sex Shoulder Shape 16 library M (Male) 100 angiography Program Selection heart » Cardiac Dot Engine » Ventnicular Function UltraFlex Large 18 library tmj • Patient ID Patient The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information Like Institution Accession Nr Accession NC Operator 168 : cm * Height * Weight ft fi lbs breast ee SeræiceKey 3/15/2018, 15 14 Admitting Diagnosis Body Part and Laterality Program Selection am Selection • Patient ID Patient ID Flex Large 4 library shoulder 3/15/2018, 3/15/20181 15 14 Exam Strategy Standard library Dot Cancel ...» stoukier » ShodderDotEnøne » generd2D ...» » ShodderDotEnøne » generd2D ...» » » gerHd2t) *Weight | 13228: lbs | 13228: lbs | 60 kg | 154.32 : warnings and cautions. Skip sop * Weight Height lbs Institution Name ServiceKey SemviceKey ServiceKey Institution Name Institution entry point to the examination Flex Large 4 library M'd[yyyy Aroo Dot Engine Dot Cockpit Examination Lock - jck System Check * shoukier » Should«DotEngine » genera12D * » ShoulderDotEngine » genera12D Referting Physician head » library » localizer Req. Proc. ID • Shoulder Dot Eng•ne workflow at the Scanner Workplace SIEMENS » head » Brain Dot Engine » prcvarn SIEMENS » head » Brain Dot Engine » program SIEMENS » head » Brain Dot Engine » progaram angtography Body Part and Laterality Loa:i Program to Qjeue Loa:i Program to Queue to Qjeue clinical libranes Allerties pelvis female Feet First Requesting Physician Lent V oad Program to Queue V Load Program to Queue V Loa] Program to Queue Program to Queue v Load Program to Queue clinical libraries t Date of Birth 2D * Date of Birth Date of Birth Wd/yyyy M'd[yyyy SIEMENS » SIEMENS . vhole-spine » clinical libraries set-n-go angiography ce Doe tmj Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. The information Yeu(s) elbow Study Descnptlon hip Hip Dot Engine hip dep Dot Engine hea Bin Dot Engine hip Hip Dot Er.yne Shoulder Dot Engine RF Transmit Mode Select » abdomen » Abdomen Dot Engine » Atx:iomen Dot Engine Liver Eval CB general 3D ram m Mod abdomen » Abdomen Dot Engine » Abdomen Dot Engine TB shoulder Medical Alerts heal » programs » GOBrain_HeNe20 TCS Rerferring Physician Performing Physician Performing Physictaan Rerferming Physician Rerfuerring Physician Rerfuerming Physician Rerfuerting Physician t Age vmst Mist Patient Orientation Patient Registration t Age Shoulder Shape 16 Ibrary Any Polarizatim Any Polarizatimn Any Polarization pelvis female Any Pdlarization Polarization Examination Exlamination hea Bin Dot Engine Shoulder Dot Engine optional features that do not always have to be present in individual cases. Study Comment Study Comrnent Allerties Requesting Physician Patient Orientation vålole body » Dot Engine » mole-Body Dot Engin UltraFlex Large 18 library Hand_Wnst 16 library Right 30ay ateralit heart » Cardiac Dot Engine » Ventricular Function Institution Head First Supine Operator I-kad First Sumne UltraFlex Large 18 library Medical Alerts Body Part and Laterality t Height Flex Large 4 library clinical libraries » Sex head clinical libraries }+ad First Suøne Head First Sumne Right Select Unpaired Program Selectlon Program Selection heabdomen » library » localizer ALI names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional and Certain products, product related claims or functionalities described in the material (hereinafter collectively » Ibrary » bcdizer Head First Sumtne First Supine • Shoulder Dot Eng•ne Shoulder Shape 16 library SIEMENS . whole-spine » clinical libraries » set-n-go Left Select * Weight lbs general 3D whole-spine » libraries set-n-go Institution Name ServiceKey SemceKey Patient Orientation Patient Registration atier ( ntatic Institution Name elbow I Safety relevant Informatlon needs to be validated and confirrned • Mandatoty information • Mandatory Information * Height Program Selection Isafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed IsSafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed Isafety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed library Dot • Mandatory information Examination Information Shoulder Shape 16 library • Mandatory Information Shut down System vmst Patient Orientation Patient Registration k-kad First Supine Head First Supine -lead First Supin First Supine Flex Larae 4 library UltraFlex Large 18 library Wd/yyyy V Load Program to Queue Allergies Allerties Ham] Wnst 16 library ALL rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. * Weight t Weight lbs clinical libraries I-kad First Sup•ne Isafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed IsSafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed • Mandato-y information • Mandatoty int • Mandatoty information Cancel Local Data Exam Restart System Save Cancel Delecte Delete Prior Studies I-kad First Sumræ I-kad First Sumre SAR Stimu Save Shut down System e.) Year(s) Intoom RF Transmit Mode Cancel Local Data Prior Studies Date Save Kate prior studies Restart Workplace Exam Set' mgs Ser mgs S etülgs Ser' mgs Settings S etülgs Settings Dispoy De play IsSafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed I Safety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed • Mandatory information Standby System Performing Physician RF Transmit Mode Waiting for scan instructions. Waiting for slice positioning 10:1029AM 10:1020AM 10: 1027 AM 4:22:16 PM 4:22:25 PM 42211 PM AM PM