syngo.via MR BreVis Workflow (VB20)

syngo.via MR BreVis Workflow (VB20) step by step

syngo.via MR BreVis Workflow (VB20) The MR BreVis workflow is used to read breast MR images. The functions of MR BreVis workflow are:  Advanced breast reading for multiple time points  Automatic subtraction and motion correction  Display of color overlay maps and volume statistics  Time curve Evaluation 1. From the Patient Worklist, load the appropriate data set into the MR BreVis Workflow:  Double left mouse click on the patient name if the BreVis workflow has been correctly assigned to the patient study Note: Patient data will automatically have a “Read” workflow state once the images are sent to syngo.via, even if all of the data has not been retrieved from the system or PACS. If the patient study is opened without all of the necessary data, segments may be empty until all of the needed images are available to perform the motion correction and subtraction.  If manual mapping is required, right-click the examination and select Assign Workflow > MR BreVis 2. MR BreVis Reading contains the following steps with different layouts: a. Dynamic + MPR b. Dynamic + DWI c. 3 x 3 Dynamic + Sub d. Viewing SIEMENS Healthineers HRT#05162002618041 Effective Date: June 26, 2017 Page 1 of 6 MR BreVis + MR BreVis Reading Auto Follow Up Colect Preset MoCo Color Settings Dynamic + MPR Dynamic + DWI 3x3 Dynamic + Sub Viewing 3. Overview of BreVis interface a. AutoCollect – Automatically adds measurements to findings navigator, however this tool should not be used for BreVis since findings should be saved as Breast Findings and AutoCollect adds b. Follow-Up – Compare with a previous study c. Preset - Select Siemens default preset or user specific preset d. MoCo - Toggles between motion corrected and non-motion corrected images e. Color – Enables color overlays SIEMENS Healthineers HRT#05162002618041 Effective Date: June 26, 2017 Page 2 of 6 MR BreVis Reading * Anto Follow Up Colect Preset «Default Preset> HOCO Color f. Settings – Can optimize the image display with the filters in the Case Navigator i. Averaging – determines the intensity of the color overlay, considers the surrounding tissue ii. Noise reduction – suppresses the background noise, image intensities below the selected threshold will be hidden and will not be considered for the results iii. Edge Smoothing – removes small isolated colored areas from the color overlay MR BreVis + Settings Calculation Mode Wash-in/Wash-out Averaging 0 mm Noise Reduction 50 AU Edge Smoothing 0 mm 4. Readings the images a. Scroll through the images b. In Case Navigator you can adjust the filters to optimize the image display c. If necessary, you can choose Visual Alignment for the upper left corner menu to correct the image alignment d. Can use Evaluation tools and perform a kinetic evaluation SIEMENS Healthineers HRT#05162002618041 Effective Date: June 26, 2017 Page 3 of 6 i. Kinetic Evaluation > Scroll through images and select the image with the suspect tissue or use the MIP overview to localize suspect tissue in the volume, then select the slice ii. In Case Navigator, select > Color icon to enable or disable the color overlay Color Note: If color overlay is enabled, various calculation modes are available. Each calculation mode has its own color scheme. Calculation modes: Wash-in/Wash-out, Curve Type, Enhancement Rate, PEI iii. Use the Pixel Lens tool to display a real-time curve or use the ROI tool by selecting from the upper corner menu > ROI > Draw ROI around desired tissue Distance Line MR_Breast ROI Circle O. CURRENT ROI Circle O. ROI Freehand ROI Polygonal Angle Text T THAT EW3150 iv. Use the VOI tool to create a statistical analysis of signal distributions within the volume of interest. In MPR mode > select VOI Sphere or VOI Freehand > Draw sphere around volume of interest. In the result segment, a Curve and Statistics will be displayed. SIEMENS Healthineers HRT#05162002618041 Effective Date: June 26, 2017 Page 4 of 6 Distance Line MR_Breast Spar ROI Circle O CU Pixel Lons Marker Arrow 102 Angle VOI Freehand VOI Freehand VOI Sphere MR Segmentation TE 19 DW 2150 ALPEPIES 81/ 10 Poterically ce lacet use in the US e. Create Breast Finding > right mouse click on a measurement > select Create Breast Finding or to create a basic finding, activate AutoCollect and creates a new measurement. Finding is listed in Findings Navigator. f. Distance measurement can only be performed if AutoCollect is deactivated. i. First distance line: Distance to chest wall ii. Second distance line: Distance to skin iii. Third distance line: Distance to nipple iv. Fourth distance line: Longest diameter v. After drawing the 4 distance lines > Select the Ctrl key and select distance lines > right mouse click > Select Create Breast Finding SIEMENS Healthineers HRT#05162002618041 Effective Date: June 26, 2017 Page 5 of 6 SIEMENS Healthineers HRT#05162002618041 Effective Date: June 26, 2017 Page 6 of 6