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When using smart layouts, the system learns what images should be loaded into the segments by means of examples, this learning is achieved by dragging a series to a specific segment and selecting learn segments. In the case Navigator for each example, the system stores the selected series criterion, which is based on the DICOM attributes and not the series description. This means loading into a segment will still work even with difference or change series descriptions. The more examples you define, the higher the accuracy. The system determines the most similar series. Each series is characterized based on approximately 30 attributes that's arrived from the DICOM header. For example, Mr. Contrast orientation acquisition, sequence, be value, fat saturation Dixon, an parametric map, etc. The attributes of the example series are compared with the attributes of all series in the study, which are loaded into the single via workflow. The series description is used as a fall back when the DICOM attributes cannot be read. For example with images from a different vendor. The learning mechanism can be used only in a new site, specific or private layout to create a new layout, navigate to the layout Gallery and select advanced select new layout, select the desired number of segments. Drag and drop the desired series to the layout segments. Click on learn segments in top of the case Navigator. If images from a different scanner or different protocol names are available, load the images to see if the loading is happening as expected. If not, drag and drop the images to the segments. An click on learn segments again. The smart layout can be used in Olimar routine workflows. For example Mr BASIC MRI prostate MRI breast MRI, angiography and Mr Whole spine in all advanced workflows. It can be used in the viewing task for Mr Cardiac analysis. It is available in Mr Cardiac reading task.

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