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Edit syngo.via® Bone Removal syngo.via provides different algorithms to mask out bones in images. Each algorithm is optimized for bone removal in a particular body region. You can edit the results of the bone removal by removing fragments that were not removed automatically, or by displaying structures that were removed by mistake. NOTE: To edit results of Dual Energy bone removal or of Neuro DSA bone removal algorithms, use the region growing and anatomy visualizer tools. 1. In the Case Navigator, click the Edit Bone Removal icon. The bone removal mask overlay is displayed in the images. In MPR and MPR Thick images, bones are displayed in pink. In VRT images, masked out bones are displayed in transparent blue. 2. Move the mouse pointer over the image. The mouse pointer changes its shape according to the structure you move over. Mouse pointer is over a structure that has not been identified as bone. Mouse pointer is over a structure that has been identified as bone. SIEMENS 549 Effective Date: 09/06/2016 Page 1 of 2 3. Click an incorrectly identified vessel to remove it from the bone removal mask. The clicked position is marked with a red minus (-) sign. Any connected tissue is removed from the bone removal mask as well. 4. Click an unidentified bone to add it to the bone removal mask. The clicked position is marked with a blue plus (+) sign. The corresponding tissue is added to the bone removal mask. 5. If you are not satisfied with the position of a plus sign or minus sign, drag the icon to a new position. You can also go back or forward a step using the UNDO/REDO icons. 6. To delete a plus sign or minus sign, right-click the icon and choose Delete from the context menu. TIP: To separate contrast agent from bone in difficult regions, for example, vessels at the skull base, place bone and non-bone markers at the corresponding sides of the tissue boundary. SIEMENS Page 2 of 2

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