syngo.via VB40 – How to add a DICOM Node Video

In this video you will learn how to add a DICOM node on the syngo.via administrator portal on version VB40.

SIEMENS SIEMENS Clinical Configuration :hinical Configuration syngo.via Add New Remote DICOM Node Remote DICOM Node DICOM Remote Node Edistor DICOM Remote Node Editor Site Information DICOM Remote Node List DICOM Remote Node Ldistor Site Open the internet browser and Add New Remote DICOM Node Please select a role R emote Remote Customer Administrator access the admin portal on your O Modality to TEST.CT PACS O Modality server. printet printer Role Remole • PACS 2017-1207 2017-12-07 Role: Rolel: Please select a role Dicou TEST.CT OICOM Nodes play Location If you are getting a security Local Node Local Local DICOM AE More i examples only. Study certificate warning click on • PACS Remote DICOM Node CT Go Select a role specific to your use case. System g Add new DICOM Node continue to access the Admin SIEMENS printet Printer Manufacturer. to In this demo we chose "modality". Portal website. VIA DCOM Data D.COM Data D EOM Data Data Login with Service Key 104 SCP Study From the Manufacturer list, select the Workstation Log in with your username SCP System g on syngo.via manufacturer of the DICOM node. scp teamplay to C-Echo test AET •TEST-AET, Save a new DICOM node. If you want to Define logical name. This name will VIA IA e If the manufacturer is not listed, Watch change the AE-Title or ports for the other Customized . be shown in the syngo.via Admin U watch Watch Enter the host name of new 104 SCP select "Othed'. services (e.g. Query I Retrieve) click on Portal or in the syngo.via application. Manufacturer: Siemens Healthineers DICOM node. LIPS Push Siemens Healthineers the unlock button to enable changes. 104 Model: please select model From the Model list, select the model Click on technical configuration Clinical Configuration In the storage service, enter AE-Title and port through which the modality new DICOM node. DICOM node. Add new DICOM Node Click on DICOM Nodes and select model is not listed, select "Other". is reachable on DICOM level. SCP Remote DICOM Nodes Add new DICOM Node Perform a ping test to check if node section. Perform a C-Echo test to check if the the modality is reachable on New Remote DICOM Node window. Click on Add Node idality is reachable on modality is reachable on DICOM level. Ping Key Expiry Dale Key Expiry 2 Key Expiry Dale: 2 Key Expiry system System g