syngo.via VB50 MI General Auto Lung 3D e-Clip

Launching Auto Lung 3D | Registration | Segmentation | Results Step.

Auto Long 3D allows you to automatically quantify perfusion and ventilation of SPECT. CT lung scans to access the tool, click the auto long 3D icon from favourites tools. The auto lung 3D workflow step is available below the viewing panel of the application and the data selection step is enabled by default. A blank layout with instructions on how to continue with the tool is displayed on the image area. Open the series panel. And drag and drop the profusion Lunn spec volume to the dedicated segment. Alternatively, select the ventilation Lunn spec volume each an M series must be accompanied by a see T series in order to proceed to the next step. This can be the same. See T series for both launch spec volumes. From the data selection step, click the confirm data icon. The data is confirmed for further analysis. The control moves automatically to the registration step to allow review and adjustment of the registration between M&CT volumes. By default, the default registration logic is applied. It is recommended to review the generator alignment. If alignment is needed between Merck volumes, the visual alignment can be used. A rotation wheel appears. The overlaid image can be panned by moving the mouse pointer over the rotation wheel. An clicking and dragging the mouse. The overlaid image can also be rotated by clicking and dragging the mouse to the left or right on the rotation wheel. Alternatively, deselect visual alignment and simply click the automatic registration icons who automatically register the volumes. The segmentation step is enabled once you have confirmed the datasets to be used in the data selection step. When you select the segmentation step for the first time, the lobe segmentations in the image area are displayed as a transparent color coded mask created by the automatic CTE segmentation. These segmentations are used for quantification of the enemie lung scans. Scroll through the images and check the lobe segmentation. For better visualization, the transparency can be adjusted by dragging the handle to the left or right. To change from a mask view to a contour view, select the drop down below the lobes icon and select the contours icon. The lobe segmentations are now displayed as outlines in the image area. If the segmentation needs modification a nudge tool or a freehand tool can be used to make manual corrections. If desired, lobes can be excluded with the exclude lobe icon. Click the nudge contour icon to activate the subtool. The Mini Toolbar provides 2D mode, an 3D mode modification in 2D mode. All operations performed are slice based, while in 3D mode all operations performed are volume based. To edit a lobe, select any of the lobe outlines in the image area. The mouse pointer changes its shape to a circle. Click and drag the nudd circle near a contour. Move the nudd circle along the contour, an nudge it against the contour to increase or decrease the size of the nud circle. Modify its radius. When you have finished, select another contour to nudge by pressing and holding the control key and clicking the contour. Click the nudge contour icon, or use the keyboard shortcut key Alt End to close. Alternatively, click the draw freehand tool or use the keyboard shortcut key alt F. Select any of the lobe outlines in the image area. The mouse pointer changes its shape to a pen. Click the draw and Edit icon, click and drag the mouse pointer to correct the structure. Double Click to set the endpoint of the contour to accept the contour or use add area freehand. Or delete area free hand to ally modifications. To reset the segmentations to the initial state, click the reset icon. The edits made to the segmentations are reset to the initial state. The result step allows you to view the analysis results and is enabled once the datasets for analysis are confirmed. SPECT quantification and CT volume results are provided for the profusion data and or ventilation data, if present, as well As for all lung lobes. Based on the automatic segmentation of the seat volume in a single monitor configuration, you can switch between the profusion results or ventilation results. Snapshots can be taken either as layout or as single snapshots.

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