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Viewing Data with Volume Stripe Layout | Viewing Data with Dynamic Layout | Automatic Layout.

To display an overview of the entire volume of a tomoe examination in a single display, you can use the volume stripe layout. The volume stripe layout shows adjusted slices of a volume in a stripe view. This display can be used to compare multiple volumes, allowing you to compare changes overtime. The volume stripe layout provides a view of up to 8 tomographic datasets. A series identifier is listed under the patient demographics to synchronize between different rows of data, click the sync icon in favorite tools. If you would like to add a data set, use the enhanced drag and drop option, right click and drag and drop the data from the series panel to the segment ipon release of the mouse button. Select add from the context menu. If you would like to replace a data set with a different series again right click and drag and drop the data to the segment ipon release of the mouse button. Select replace all the image segments are updated immediately. The series identifier also updates. Indicating which series are currently displayed. If you would like to remove a data set, right click in a segment an select remove. To fuse data in the active segment AC T Recon series needs to be the base series. Right click and drag and drop the mdata from the series panel to the segment select views as overlay. Mer Mer and Icon indicating synchronization is displayed together with a synchronization group number to deactivate synchronization. Click the sync icon in favorite tools. Selecting a segment in a volume stripe layout changes the slice positioning in the layout in order to select the monitor to capture a layout snapshot of a volume strike layout. Either click in the gap between the reference lines or right click in a segment. To change the properties of the volume stripe display, right click an select volume, stripe properties. A dialog box opens, allowing the number of rows and number of slices per row to be changed. Click OK and the layout is updated immediately. Dynamic layout can be used to review NM planar dynamic data in a stripe and cinematic view in order to better review initial uptake. Auto summing is enabled by default. This feature automatically sums dynamic frames so that you can visualize the entire dynamic series on one screen to configure some frames, right click on the stripe view. And choose some frames from the context menu. The dialog box opens some frames, allows you to manually some the 2D frames displayed in the stripe view of dynamic layouts. Uncheck auto summing and to enter a numeric value in the frames to sum box and then click OK. The some frames are displayed in the stripe view. Alternatively, enter the value one to display all frames. Only one of the two summing options, auto frame summing or manual frame summing can be enabled at a time. Summing of frames is user specific. An layout specific to stop and start the movie. Select the segment and press the spacebar in the keyboard. Alternatively, use the middle mouse button to scroll through the images. To display and automatically load planar nuclear medicine images based on the available data, you can use the automatic layout tool in favorite tools. Click the automatic layout icon. The data is displayed in a layout created automatically by the system and based on the type of data besides number, aspect ratio and orientation of the monitor. The automatic layout workflow step is available below the viewing panel of MI General. The images to be displayed are assigned to display groups based on data types. The Select Groups panel is displayed when you move the mouse pointer over the select groups icon and provides functions for controlling the image types displayed in the image area. Click the pin symbol to lock the select groups panel. The current checkbox displays all data types of the current time point. A prior 01 checkbox displays all data types of the prior 01 time point. The Select all checkbox displays all data types of both time points to display a specific data type, select the corresponding checkbox for that data type. To load additional data for a patient, a refresh layout tool is provided to view this newly arrived data. The layout is rearranged to display all the available data types for the current time point. In addition, the Select Groups Panel is updated to display any newly available display groups.

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