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The vessel extension allows you to perform a basic vascular evaluation of CT or MRI images directly in MM reading without the need to switch to another workflow. Start the vessel evaluation by selecting the define vessel function. If you don't find it in your favorite tools, go to the tool library and select it from there. As you activate the define vessel function, you have the option to choose from a few more functions. For example, editing the centerline or starting with a new vessel. For an easier vessel evaluation, you may want to hide the reference lines. Drag a line along the vessel or click the vessel several times to draw a centerline. While dragging the line, you can use the scroll wheel to scroll through the data set in order to cover the entire vessel. Double Click to finish your centerline. If you need to correct it, click define vessel again and perform the corrections. When finished, click close editing. Here the centerline is aligned and the vessel is shown in a curved planar reconstruction or CR display. In this example, you see the CR in the office segment. And the cross section in the lower segment. By moving the yellow line you can change the position of the cross section to a stenosis, for example. Right click any point or the center line to access more options to edit the vessel. Click and drag the first or the last control point to extend this into line. When finished, click close editing and functions for the next working step are displayed immediately. Click show vessel to show or hide the centerline. Double click the label to change the name of the vessel. Click the measure diameter icon to measure the minimal and maximal diameter and the area of the selected profile slice. Click and drag the yellow line to correct the level of the cross section slice. If necessary, corrects the area by using the tools in the mini toolbar of the lower segment. The values are shown in the cross section segment. Click the measure length icon to measure the length of a stent. For example, the green and red lion's reflect a specific profile slice. Click and drag the lines to adapt them. The distance between the two lines is given in the CR segment. The currently displayed measurements can be documented as a finding. To document a vessel measurement, click create finding in the mini toolbar displayed in the curve view. The new finding is automatically displayed in the findings assistant and can be specified. The results are transferred to the report and can be sent to any other DICOM node. In addition, right heel CR or parallel CR can be reconstructed and saved into the result area of the Series Navigator for later export or printing. More vessels can be selected. Click the label to jump to any other vessel in the same data set. Right click the label and choose delete from the context menu to delete a vessel. Note that advanced functionalities for a vascular evaluation are available in the syngo via advanced workflows. For example, see T vascular.

SIEMENS . Siemens Healthineer uniErlangen_Germanv SIEMENS uniErlangen_Germany uni Server 82 160 Administrator Umérlahgen uniErlangen_Germanv Germany Sewer Lengti-l Ref.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold M, CV Administrator Administrator Server 10 Server 82 160 Server 82 160 2012R0370 Ref.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold & ,.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: Vascular Oual Energy RÅef.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold Ref Vascular Dual Energy Gold +C 201 Result FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_ . CURRENT Ulni-Erlangen Radiologie / ISI ing FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_ FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uni-. FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uniol FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, uniErlangen_Germany Uni-. POLYTRAUMA M, SL 0.7 SOMATOM Definition Flash SOMATOM Flasn SOMATOM Flash lewine lewin sn uniErIangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen UniErIangen r uni-Erlangen Radiolo, 0.7 DE 1 (1028) CURRENT OE 1 0261 (1028) * 7/28/1960 M • 7/28/1960 M • 7/28/1960. M. • 7/28/1960. M, *7/28/1960, M. • 7/28/1960, M. • 7/28/1960. M left Text F. UniErlangen_ UniErlangen_Germanv . CURRENT CURRENT MM Reading #2012ROS70 2012ROS7D 2012ROS7D yascular oual Energy Gold FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_ FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen 1 Dcm ermany Cini-Erlangen Radiolom Sn 100/40/32 Sn 100/40,132 sn 100/4 0/32 lewing Define Findings DE 1 D26f (1028) DE 1 026f (1028) OE 1 026r (1028) DE I D26t (1028) OE 1 D26f (1028) OE 1 (1028) server Series M. M. M, SOMATOM Flasn SOMATOM oetinition Flash SOMATOM Flash M, # #2012R0970 4/27/2010 Vascular Dual Energy Gold : 400 Ref.: vascular Dual Energy Gold # 2012R0970 # 2012R0370 # 2012R0970 • CURRENT CURRENT CV lewing CURRENT SL 0.7 CURRENT SOMATOM Definition Flash uniEr1angen_Germany uni-Enangen c URRENT• SOMATOM Flash MM Reading : 4/27/2010 4/27/2010 • 4/27/2010 4/27/2010 UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo- 1 (1028) 400 UniErIangen_Germanye DE 1 1 (102B) uniEnlangen_Germany um- FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, UniErlangen_•Germany Umi-Erlangen Radiolm 50 # 2012R0970 50 FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Um-Erlangen Radiolm FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germanv Uni-Erlangen Radiolm FL _ DE _ Runoff _ Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uni-. FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uniol FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolm FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uni-. FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uni- FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germanv Ungerlangen Radiolm FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, uniErlangen_Germany Umi-Erlangen Radiolm FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, U iEr ang n •G rmany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo Ranges U 'Erlang n iErIangen_ ny Uni-Erlangen Radiolo Uni. Erlangen Radiologie Germany Germanv! UniErIangen_Germany uniErlangen_Germånv unlErIahgen'Germany! r ni-Erlangen Radiolog SL 0.7 ny Uni-Erlangen Radiolo OOAM # 2012R0970 # 2012R0370 : 2012R0970 11/252012 11/25/2012 2012-0970 # 2012R0370 # 2012R0970 Rev: vascular Energy CL SL left Ref vascular Oual Gold Ref.: uascular Dual Energy Cold : Ref.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold Vascular Oual energy Gold pascular Dual Energy Gold 2012Rog70 Yäscular Dual Energy Gold Pascular Dual Energy Gold 'ascular Dual Energy Gold Qet.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold PR VRT Stack2x2 MPR VRT Stack2x2 PR Stack 2x2 Result 4/27/2010 Vascular Oual Energy Gold Vascular oual Energy Gold sp H19ö1 CURRENT SPA109f SPA109G CURRENT Definition Flash Flash 4/27/2010 UniErlangeni rnpny Uni-Erlangen Radiolo vascular Ouai Energy 7:56:08 00AM 21 SOMATOM Flasn Definition Flasn SOMATOM Flasn Flasn Define lewing 17 lewng MP R MFR CURRENT sp SOMATOM Flasn SPA12cg 11/2512012 11/25/2012 +C CURRENT Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. any Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. Uni-Erlangen Radiologie ISI UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo. FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, iErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. Result UniErIangen UniErIangen_G r UniErIangen_Germanye UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. any Cini-Erlangen Radiolom UniErlangep_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. UniEilangem_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. sp H268.6 sp H2686 1 (102B) OE 1 (1028) 1 (102B) Al 23.4 Al 29.0 46 AM 46AM DE 1 SOMATOM Flash sn 100/4.0/32 026f (102B) OE 1 (1028) SPC 0.7 Editing UniErlaNgen. Gerrrpny IJni-Erlangen Radi010. Germany uinj-Enlangen Radi010.. Germany Cini-Eflangen Radi010. any Cini-Erlangen Radiolom Germany Cini-Erlangen Radi010.. FL _ DE _ Runoff_Plaque, UniErIangen_Germany Uni-. FL_DE Runott_maque, Current liJlMAna v , kef.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold PR VAT Stack 212 Result sn 100/4.0/32 17 17 11/23/2012 CT, 4/27/2010 & ,.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold Vascular Dual Energy Gold Reff: Vascular Dual Energy Gold OE 1 1 Ocm : FL_DE_Runoff_PIaque, UniErIangen_Germanyee, : CURRENT UniErIangen UniErIangen_ UniErIangen_Germanye Germany IJni-ErIangen Radiologie / ISI Uri-Erlangen Radiologie / ISI FL DE Runc .. 4/027/2010 4,027/2010 4,27/2010 4 /27/2010 4/27/2010 u 7/2010 an 7/2010 4n7f2010 SPA124.8 17 sp - Åefl: Vascular Dual Energy Gold yascular Dual Energy Gold SL sn 2012R0370 Pscular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold Results SC 07 Sn 100/4.0/32 SOMATOM Flasn OE 1 (1028) 7:56 AM 7:56.0800AM 7:56.0800 AM *7/28/1960, M. 49Y *7/28/1960, M, 49Y •7/28/1960. M, *7/28/1960, M. SOMATOM oefinition Flash SOMATOM Definition Flasn 1 Ocrn spc SOMATOM Definition Flash • *7/28/1960. M. *7/28/1960. M. 49M •7/28/1960. M. SOMATOM Definition Flash 4/27/2010 CT, 4/27/2010 MPR VRT Stack 2x2 MPR VRT Stack2x2 MPR VRT Stack 212 MPR vRT Stack 2x2 PR VRT Stack2x2 PR vRT Stack 2x2 PR Stack 2x2 # 2012R0370 : 2012R0970 : #2012R0970 Ref: Vascular Dual Energy Gold : Ref.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold : Ref.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: bäscular Oual Energy Gold : *7/28/1 M, M. Result SOMATOM Definition Flash *7/28/1960. M, 49Y # 2012R0970 11 DE 1 (1028) 7 56 *7/28/1960, M. 49Y •7/28/1960. M. •7/28/1960, M. *7/28/1 M, 49Y CURRENT SOMATOM Definition Flash *7/28/1 960, h *7/28/1960. CURRENT . CURRENT CURRENT 1 Ocm Results DE 1 D26f (1028) OE 1 0261 (1028) 07 1 Dcm 1 Ocrn 1 Ocm IOcm UniErIangen DE I D26t (1023) DE I (1023) DE 1 0261 (1028) Uni-Erlangen Radiologie / ISI 2012R0370 DE 1 026f (1028) DE 1 D26t (1028) DE 1 (1028) DE 1 (1028) 50 : DE 1 D26f (1028) DE 1 D26f (1028) O DE 1 D26f (1028) . FL _ DE _ Runoff _ Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Uni-... 10cm 1 Ocrn any Cni-Erlangen Radiolm uni-ErIangen RadiOIO.. Uni-ErIangen Radiologie ISI INni-ErIangen Radiologie / ISI IJni-ErIangen RadiolO.. Uni-ErIangen RadiOIO. UniErlangen UniErlangen Germany unj-Enangen RadiolO. Germany unj-Enangen RadiolO. • CURRENT . CURRENT SL SL CL en_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo. SL MPR I Ocm # 2012R0970 Yäscular Dual Energy GOId vet.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold yascular Dual Energy Gold Ref:. vascular Dual Energy Gold Ref.:. vascular Dual Energy GOId : : #2012R0970 # #2012R0970 # 2012R0970 2012R0370 DE 1 D26f (1028) DE 1 (1028) CL 17 07 sn 4/27/2010 *7/28/1960, M, 49Y 1 ocrn 0.0 *7/28/1960, M, Define 4/27/2010 u 7/2010 Measure DE DE_BodyAngio 1.0 026... : CURRENT 1 Ocm *7/28/1960, M. *7/28/1960. M, 43Y *7/28/1960 M *7/28/1 960, M. 49Y SOMATOM Definition Flash SOMATOM Definition Flash : *7/28/1960, M. 49Y •7/28/1960. M. *7/28/1960, M. Close CT, 4/27/2010 u 7/2010 Label 4,27/2010 : 4/27/2010 4/27/2010 : #2012R0970 # 2012R0970 : 2012R0970 # 2012R097C #2012R0g70 sn Diameter Length CPR MPR Al 23.6 1 Dcm AM I Ocrn I Ocm MPR MPR Results spc sp DE DE_BodyAn0i0 1.0 D26f._ SL 0.7 1 Ocrn 1 Ocm Arterial Phase CV left . CURRENT CURRENT Al 23.6 • *7/28/1960. M. 00 AM 400 IC1cm : 4/27/2010 • 4/27/2010 : OOAM ODAM 0.4 Findings SL O. SL 0.7 SL 07 SL SPC 0.7 Edit Edit Freehand Viewings DE 1 (1028) sn FL _ DE _ Runoff _ Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Unk-... 1 Ocm : DE 1 D26f (1028) 50 1 Ocm DE 1 (1028) DE 1 026f (1028) DE 1 D26f (1028) DE I (1028) *7/28/1960, M. 49Y SP SP L557 SP L77Z SL V : vascular Dual Energy GOId 07 SPA1290O 0.6 Diameter Length MPR Ret.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold Arlerial Phase MPR CV MPR CV 400 # 2012R0970 CL SL Results SL 0.7 SP L62.6 SL SPA1290 Editing Findings SL MPR OV Huide Quick 07 1 Ocm 10cm 1 Ccm sn 100/4.0/32 MPR 700 400 4/27/2010 • 4/27/2010 *7/28/1960. M, 49M SOMATOM Definition Flash : 4/27/2010 4/27/2010 sp FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Um-Erlangen Radiolm sn 100/4.0/132 sn 100/4.0/32 sn 100/40/32 sn 0/32 sn 10 AM M, Snapshot Print Vessels Graphics 0.4 400 Create any Uni-Erlangen Radiolo, 11/25/2012 400 Findings Image Ref.: vascular Dual Energy Gold FL_DE_Runott_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany UnÆ-Erlangen Radiolm.. : DE 1 D26t (1028) SL FL Uni-Erlangen Radiologie / ISI sn 100/4.0/32 sn IOCV40J32 sp sn 100/4 0/32 sn sn sn 0/32 TC SL 46AM en left SP R68.6 OE 1 (1028) +C Graphics Results SPA1290 left 2012R0370 Al 29.0 SOMATOM Definition Flash MA Findings Results Viewing [1021] Ranges Cancel Length Arterial P ase Arterial Phase Iteral has SOMATOM Flash CV MPR 11125/2012 MPR Editing any Uni-Erlangen Radiolo__. Germany unj-Enlangen RadiolO. Length SL sn sn sn en sn sn 10 sn 100 AFL # 2012R0970 3D OE 1 D26f (1028) : CURRENT 1 ocrn tenosts tenosvs SL 0.0 uniErlangen_Germanv uniErlangen_Germany uniErlahgen UNi-Erlanger. Radiologie / ISI UNni-Erlangen. Radiologie / ISI Uni-Erlangen. Radiologie / ISI uniErlahgen uniErlan uniErlangen_Germanv Germa gen SL Ret.: Shscular Dual Energy Gold # 2012R0970 10cm 10cmn uniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo uniEr1angen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo uniErIangen_G.ermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo. UniGermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. r ni-Erlangen Radiolog OE 1 (1028) uniErlangen_G9rmany Uni-Erlangen Padiolcn uniEr1angen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo eyrmany Uni-Erlangen Radiolom FL_DE Runott_maque, rla UniErIangen uniEr1angen uni-Erlangen 1 Dcm 1 (1028) en sp CURRENT T56:0800AM 4/27/2010 400 Print print Export Rer.: vascular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold per.: vascular oual Energy Gold yef_: Vascular oual Energy Gold yet: Vascular Dual Energy Gold vef.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold yascular oual Energy Gold Vascular Oual Energy Gold SOMATOM Definition Flash SOMATOM oeninition Flasn SOMATOM Flasn CURRENT Basic # #2012R0970 vascular Energy Gold Quick uniErIangen_Germanv vascular uniErlangen_GermanV uni.. uniErlangen_Germany uni-. UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany uni.. IOcm I Ocm 1 Ocm •7/28/1960. M, •7/28/1960. M. •7/28/1960, M. SOMATOM Flash SOMATOM oefinition Flash *7/28/1960, M. 49Y •7/2&'1960, M. 11 '2512012 1112512012 vascular rlan ermany Cini-Erlangen Radiolom any Uni-Erlangen Radiolo ermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolom any Uni-Erlangen Radiolom Uni-Erlangen Radiologie ISI any Uini-Erlangen Radiolom any Cini-Erlangen Radiolo„ UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo UniErlangen_Germany Umi-Erlangen Radiolm UniErlangen_Gyermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo UniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolon UniErlangen_G.ermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo 80 Image Image sn sp en MPR uniErlangen_Germanv uniErlangen umiErlahgen Unæ. Erlangen Radiologie / ISI Uni- Erlangen Radiologie / ISI 50 n Germa OE 1 (1028) #2012poe70 1 Ocm 1 Dcrn 1 Ocrn Ref.: Vaäscular Dual Energy Gold Per.: vascular Dual Energy Gold 10cm 1 Ocrn Favorite Tools -Ået.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: inscular Dual Energy Cold Ret vascular Dual Energy Gold R Åef.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold let SL 0.7 46 AM SOMATOM Definition Flash Referen. 7ef.: Pascular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold vef.: Vascular Oual Energy Gold Ret.: ivascular Dual Energy Gold Väscular Dual Energy Gold Ref.: uascular Dual Energy Cold Ref.: uascular Dual energy Cold Ref.: inscular Dual Energy Cold Ref.: ivscular Dual Energy Cold # 2012R0970 OE 1 (1028) 1 (102B) Per.: vascular Dual Energy' Gold Ret: vascular Oual Energy Ret.: vascular Dual E-nergy' Gold 50 20 OE 1 (1028) 1 (1028) Viewing 17 50 17 oennition Flasn M. SOMATOM Flasn SOMATOM Flash Flasn Tools Hide * SOMATOM Definition Flasn 11 07 11 M. M, SOMATOM oerinition Flasn SOMATOM Definition Flasn SOMATOM Definition Flash M. M, SOMATOM Definition Flash 1 (102B) DE 1 D26f (1028) DE 1 026f (1028) OE 1 026f (1028) CURRENT •7/28/1960, M, OE 1 (1028) OE 1 026f (1028) 1 (1028) •7/28/1960. SOMATOM oeninition Flasn SOMATOM oefinition Flash oennition Flasn cpp Tools L832 OE 1 (1028) spc DE (1028) SL 0.7 0.7 2012ROS70 Favorite Tools . 4/27/2010 sn 100/4.0/32 DE 1 (1028) 1 (102B) Favorite Tools AM DE 1 17 DE 1 D26f(1028) E 1 (1028) Hide 10crn DE (1028) 10cm I Ocm 1 Dcm Arterial Phase 1 Ocm Arterial Phase IOcm CURRENT 1 Dcrn 10crn : . Manip VRT Manip VPT 7:56:08 00AM 7 S6:0800AM Hide Quick 7:56.0800AM 7:56 08 OOAM 7:56 080O AM #2012Rog70 # 2012R0970 #2012ROS70 16 Huide L66Ll L66.l Al 29.0 7:56.08 00 AM 3D Huide 4/27/2010 u 7/2010 An 7/2010 Graphics sp SPA12YO Qu_ick SL 0.7 SL O. : SL full SL 0.7 SL full 7:56 Referen.__ I Ocm Referen.. Graphics Huide 3D Export Hide Huide 7:56.0800AM 7:56.0800 AM 7:56 080OAM AM 7:56.0800AM 00 AM SL O. 0.7 left Area SL full 7:56 400 Graphics 1 Ocm Image Manip VRT Scroll Rotate Huide Guide Qwck Quick 1 Ocm len SL Export 10cm uniErlangen Germany LJni-Erlangen Radiolo. SL 0.7 SL Referen.. Referen. GraphZs Graph Zs Graphics Graph Zcs Huide SL full 1 Ocm 400 tull SL 0.7 SL 0.7 SL full 1157 mm Length Length 1 (1028) print 1 Ocrn Export Manip VRT I Ocm Distance ROI Circle Paralel Snapshot Distance ROI Circle ParaNel Snapshot Print Export Exp-Mt left : 4/27/2010 50 Image SnaFShot Print Print print Export Lines Linges Ranges Vessels FL _ DE _ Runoff _ Plaque, UniErlangen_Germany Cini-. let left CPR SL 0.4 SL run 10cm • IOcm MPR Show I mage I mage Irnage Distance ROI Circle Distance ROI Circle Parallel Distance ROI Circle Paralel Snapshot Distance ROI Cir& Parallel Paraliei Print Export Manip VRT IOcm 400 SL I Ocm 10cm 1 Dcm 2012R0370 Define Show 0.7 I Ocm 1 Ocm Image 10cm Ranges Linges Image Imnage Imnage I mage MPR Ocm Favorite 10cm DE I (1028) I Ocrn I Ocm 1 Ocm 10cm 1 ocm 10cm SL full Mar-lip VRT lewing 1 Ocm IOcm MPR Manip VPT Manip VRT 50 1 Ocrn *7/28/1960. M, 49Y SOMATOM Definition Flash Close Favorite Tools Manip VRT 0/32 *nage sn 100/4 0/32 Manip VRT Hide Text . SL full . full Show 1 Ocrn 1 ocrn uniErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen SC MPR VRT Manip VRT VRT Editing Define Show SL 07 17 SL full SL run SL O. SL 0.7 SL SL 0u7 Graphics 0.7 SL Lines Vessels CURRENT Text Vessels Next Huide lewing Define SL CL SL full 400 : 400 400 Linges Vessels sn 100/4.0/32 sn UniGermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. sn 100/4.0/32 M. Close 700 50 50 : 50 400 Editing # 2012R0970 50 Hide SL 80 spc sec 0.7 SL 0.7 Comment 50 print Export spc VOI Auto Export 50 400 *here *phere Layout Image Auto Mews Views 50 400 Diameter Vessels CPR SOMATOM Definition Flash 400 ny Uni-Erlangen Radiolo UniErlangen&Gernpny Cini-Eflangen Radi010... . UniGermany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. Sphere SÉ,ere Mews Views 50 Diameter Length 50 R Åef.: Vascular Dual Energy Gold 50 SL full Length: 115.7 mm TC ROI Print Prmt Exp«yt Export Close Arterial P sn 100/4032 sn sn 100/4.0/32 sp sn Measure Measure Edit Editing FL_DE_Runoff_Plaque, iErlangen_Germany Uni-Erlangen Radiolo.. ArtenalFhase M, Imnage Irnage sn 100/4.0/32 SOMATOM Definition Flash M. Arterial P Afterial P Arterial P ase sn Edit sn 100/4.0/32 Close sn IOOf40/32 Vessel Prints Points Editing 10:35 PM Length vessels MPR Edit sn Edit 1 Clcm sn sp sn sn sn 10:37 PM 10:39 PM 1 Ocm Vessels 10:44 PM 10:35 PM 10:40 PM Editing 10:40 PM 10:41 PM 11:25AM 10:•36 PM 10:36 PM 10.•36 PM 10:37 PM 10:38 PM 10:39 PM 10:44 PM 10:34 PM 11_24AM